Monday, July 2, 2007

More on the Kauni Cardigan

I thought I had added all the info about the Kauni sweater already, but that must have been the Nyquil talking lol.

The sweater is a gorgeous free pattern from Ruth Sorensen, which you can download here. The yarn is Kauni (and I am using the rainbow colorway same as the original), which seems to be in short supply. If you go to the Kauni Knitalong blog, there are links to some sellers.

As for my own progress, I am really enjoying the knitting, it's an easy pattern to follow. I started out with a yellow/green color combo, which has progressed to green/blue, then blue/purple, and I think the colors are too similar. I just discontinued the blue and have started another ball of yarn with yellow. Hopefully that will give me more contrast. Picture is of what I've done so far.
We are going to try camping ONE MORE TIME (after the no tent debacle, and last weekend's huge storm which sent branches and trees crashing down on the campsite we were supposed to be ensconsed upon, I'm a little leery) on the 4th of July. Pray for me cuz with my luck I am going to stumble into a hornet's nest, eat a poison s'more and/or find a snake in my sleeping bag.

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