Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Right Back At Ya Megs!

My my new parents are grumpy, especially those newbies who haven't figured out how to make their children sleep at night...

Megan & Ryan (Pres. of the Woodinville Chapter of the Harry Potter Fan Club) posted a response to my "Separated at Birth?" post featuring their adorable daughter Hadley. I dunno why, but they didn't seem to care for the comparison to Uncle Fester. Hey, Fester was also adorable in his own bald way!

Anyways, I've always contended that Meg looked a LOT like Cameron Diaz, and here's proof!


Meg said...

White flag, white flag! I think we need to team up and make fun of the other fam members, there's no way they'd have a prayer against us. You might be right with your comparison...Ryan definitely would agree that I look like the ogre Cameron most days. Well done Lavs, well done:).

Laurie said...

ok I agree we are even. I am still laughing over the Medusa that was genius. Now who can we pick on...the Kip/Kevin James is too easy!