Monday, July 23, 2007

Birthday Bash at the Beach!

We made it through another weekend of camping (well one night anyway). Grandma Laurie and Grandpa Steve are thinking we are getting to the motorhome stage in life rather than the tent/sleeping bag stage. Another tent mishap as well (we must be meant to sleep in a hotel room), had a tent but no poles. Lorraine generously volunteered to throw her air mattress and bag in the back of Juliette & Jeff's (her friends and fun people--Jeff is a big Mariners fan so we always have someone to talk baseball with) Trail Blazer and let us sleep in the big tent with the boys. Tho, come to think of it, she MAY have gotten the better deal, since she could close the doors and enjoy the silence...

While camping we celebrated two birthdays: Riveria turned 8 and little bro Michael turned 2. They are growing SO fast! RJ got a Gameboy (woot woot!), a cool Rocket Stomper toy (Costco alert, this toy is way cool, kept the kids entertained for HOURS and no batteries), the new HP book and assorted other goodies. Mikey got a little scooter from us, which he is enjoying plus a lot of fun toys and etc. The pinata was fun and we all ignored the wasps and chowed down. We had kayaks to paddle in (Alex is quite the good kayaker) and the water was awesome. Liam and I swam all around the bay (he's still using a life jacket, but he's getting braver and braver).

Cautionary note: do NOT let your husband select birthday gifts without direct female supervision! Steve picked out a "Hit Away" batting thing (basically baseball attached to a line to practice hitting) which looked good. When RJ opened the box, we discovered there was no pole to which to attach the ball/line. That you had to buy separately...Riveria was a good sport about it (luckily he was pretty distracted by the game boy).

Knitting update: just so you all don't think I'm a total slacker, I did work on the Kauni cardigan while I was camping. I've got all kinds of steeks going and am nearly done with the body of the cardigan. Sleeves come next (or maybe I have to cut the steeks first, I'm not sure). Stay tuned for further progress.

And it looks like Stitch and Pitch is a GO! I am heading over to Seattle on Thursday to attend the game, and hang out with the fam. Should be tons o fun!

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