Saturday, August 30, 2008

I Don't Know...

If I could send my children to a daycare center called "Clown Town". It's down the street from us, and I'm sure it is perfectly wonderful, but that name. Gives me the creeps...

Friday, August 29, 2008


Tate is giving Posh a run for her money! That new school haircut is FIERCE. And for a fab fashion show of all Tater's new school duds, head over to Tykes Today (but where are all the matching shoes, Tate?)
Darling baby sis Logan gets in the act, with some very pretty hair clips. Love her grubby little face, band aid, and chubby little leggies! She is soooo cute!

Making Some Progress

A couple of things I'm knitting away on are moving along:

"Secret of the Stole III" knit along through Clue #2. Hard to see but I think there are snowflakes developing...

My Mariners sock #1. This is in self-striping yarn in M's colors. Though WHY am I bothering to make M's socks when they are so very bad (the team, not the socks)? I'll have to make Cougs socks next, because I'm pretty sure they are picked to be just as bad in the Pac-10 this year...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Who Doesn't Love...

the glasses you get when you go to the eye doctor's? Zaide, remember when you faked having bad vision just so you could get a pair at Dr. Schwartz's office? Liam found an old pair and had me tie them on him with some yarn. LOL what a goof.

Brotherly Love

Alex and Mikey in a Group Hug (really, this is not a wrestling picture).

Luke...I Am Your Father....

The twins got this uber cool Storm Trooper helmet for their birthday. Complete with various phrases at the touch of a button. Mikey loves it of course, and I love how it's just about as big as Mikey.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Twins!

My favorite 'twin travel beds', Liam and Alex, turned 8 yesterday. OMG, how time flies. I first met these two rascals when they were still in diapers. And now they are like two long-legged, giant-footed colts. But I have promised them they will NEVER get too big to sit on my lap and rock.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Could This BE Any Worse?!

Seriously, the kid is a little goofy looking, but not this bad! With all the great photogs who work for SI, you'd think they'd have been able to take a picture that doesn't make the poor guy look like a pinhead wearing a halter top with gold trim at the bottom.
And cutting off his swimsuit! SI, why you gotta be that way? Ladies like the Speedo ya know

Going Green

Knitters are eco-friendly people. Perhaps I will join the green crusade with this pattern for knitted paper towels. Hey, isn't that what we call a regular towel?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Jamie Clare!

It's birthday time for baby sister Jamie Clare! Don't know if she's a Fluther reader (someone tip her off to her newfound fame), but couldn't let the day pass without wishing her a happy BD!

As one of the three 'little kids' (that's her in the middle with all that blonde hair -- and Lisa, nice high waters!) Jamie endured endless teasing from us big kids. She was afraid of everything and everyone except Mom and Grandpa Sundstrom, so we exploited that by flinging stuffed animals in her play pen (major fear #1), trapping her in Cabin 6 with an overturned pail of little crabs (major fear #2), and just about anything else we could think of to make her cry. Evidently, not ALL of us were thrilled at the arrival of sib #8...

However, Clare survived it all and thrived. She was always ready to put on one of Mom's wigs and housedresses and pretend to be Cousin Charmaine coming to visit (Mom's major fear #1), take a seat at the Fun Machine to rock out as Ruby Jeannine, Lounge Singer and Organ Player Extraordinaire, or this...

She appears to be auditioning for the Spokesmodel gig at Hillcrest Bakery...

Hope you are having a fab day, little sister! Love you!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Anyone for A Battle Bonnet?

I'm sure the boys would LOVE wearing these "Dwarven Battle Bonnets" designed by Sally Pointer. Great Halloween Costume idea! I'm off to buy the pattern cuz as Sally says "everyone needs a silly hat" !

Summer Fun

Summer is winding down -- the boys got new school shoes and supplies yesterday, so I know first day of school is just around the corner! We had a busy, fun week of activities:

RJ got to attend the NBA STARS basketball camp, way cool! The only 'star' I recognized was Craig Ehlo, but I'm sure some of the super-tall guys and gals were players too.

Here's a picture of Mikey with the girls in his swimming class (Pee Wees). He is the tiniest one, and soooo precious! The big brothers are turning into regular fish in their class, Alex braved the diving board last night, even though he told me he was 'afraid of heights' (has he been reading my phobia of the week I wonder?) We also went to see Kung Fu Panda, along with about a zillion other screaming kids. The movie was very cute, but not nearly as cute as Mikey's imitation of Kung Fu Panda! I'll see if I can get a little video cuz it's darling.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Swimming Fun (and Not So Much)

The weather hit 102 degrees here yesterday, so we headed to the aquatic center (fancy schmancy pool with water slide, fountains etc.) Here's Michael in his little 'floaty' swim suit and his sun hat all ready to roll.

Our fun afternoon got cut short though, when SOMEONE (not us, I checked lol) pooped in the pool and everyone had to leave. However, we were able to come back later on for our first swim lessons:

Mikey and the girls in the Pee Wee Class. The big brothers also had a class, I think I have some decent pics on my 'good' camera, will post later.

We had about 10 minutes of lessons, then AGAIN we all had to get out of the pool. No poop this time, big wind storm with thunder and lightning. Scary!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Why Can't Big Girls Dress Like This?

Tatum at her preschool graduation. That dress! Those shoes! To die for. Man, I'd kill to be able to pull off that look. I'm afraid I'm about 50 years too late, however.

Clue #1 Finished

Here's my 'Secret of the Stole III' Clue #1. Not a great picture, and it is actually peach rather than the pink it looks like here. But it's too hot to take more pix today, I'm thinking about heading to the beach...

1883 New York Times Shawl Finished at Last!

My New York Times Shawl (from an 1883 issue of the NYT) is finally blocked and finito!

It ended up at 41" x 16.5" when I blocked it, which makes a lovely large scarf or small shoulder wrap. To make a larger stole, you'd need about 1200-1300 yds of lace weight yarn. Free pattern available using the link above (Ravelry users can download the .pdf file; my ID is lavs)

Friday, August 15, 2008

"Fragile Baby"

Mikey has been sick this week with a nasty flu bug. He and I decided that he has been a 'fragile baby' because all he wanted to do was be held and rocked.
Yesterday, he was feeling lots better. He was playing with Lincoln Logs and it was time to clean up. When I asked him to pick up his toys, he said "no Wowo, I fragile baby", and put his tiny little hand next to mine to show me how he was too small to pick up all those logs. LOL! I convinced him that it would be fun to clean up if I timed him, and he raced to pick them all up.
Yeah for three year olds! And "I'll Time You" is always a valuable tool in the nanny's box o tricks.

Watching the Olympics of Course!

I've been trying to watch as much Olympics coverage as I can (it's better to watch others sweat than to do so myself). Of course, the gymnastics events with the fabulously named Elfi Schlegel commentating is a favorite.

If I ever get a dog, Elfi Schlegel is my #2 name choice, right after Sam Evans.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


The boys are all coming down with the nasty stomach flu (barf) this week. Mikey has been sick for 3 days now poor little chap.
Just to class up this post, here's a 14th c. painting of someone puking.


Rex the Wonder Dog! Lorraine caved and bought the boys a new puppy and he is presh!!!
Rex is a border collie/St. Bernard mix (she swears he won't get over 50 lb but I dunno) 2 months old and as cute as can be.
He is jolly, lets the boys cart him around all over the place without complaining at all. Lorraine said Liam had little tears in his eyes when they were buying him, and when she asked why, he said "I'm just so happy". Is that sweet or what!
Mikey is a little bit jealous bc he is not the baby any more. First day he was eating puppy chow and barking so that he could get some attention. Poor guy!

All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth...

Liam lost front tooth #2. Cutest lisp EVER!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Camping Fun (and disasters)

no pictures with this post, just a little story about how good I am at roughing it:

Thank god Steve came along bc our campsite (tent, boy's pup tent, kitchen, etc) was set up and ready to go in no time. Unfortch, I opted to be in charge of blowing up my fancy air bed. Which promptly got two giant holes in the sides. First night, we just laid out the flat mattress and attempted to sleep on it (here's where the hip and butt padding might come in handy, but nooo. Still painful to lay on rocks and roots). Next day, we set out to get a patch kit in town, which we then left at the hardware store and Steve had to drive back to get.

He patched the holes and we crawled into bed, where we realized we had yet another hole somewhere. Which meant pumping up our mattress every hour through the night.

Our campsite was quite a ways from the bathroom, natch. And after one of the 2 am mattress pumpings, I had to pee something fierce. Being the savvy camper, I decided to grab a package of tissues and pee in the bushes. I had no flashlight, so had to position myself VERY carefully to avoid nettles. No nettles, but I forgot to position my pj bottoms and ended up with pee all over my pants leg.

AND I FELL AGAIN! What's the deal here? Actually, I had a reason both times (last time, I tripped over a sidewalk crack, this time I slipped on wet concrete around the water faucet). I bonked my head and my arm has a ginormous bruise from armpit to elbow.

Next vacation better be to a luxury hotel is all I'm sayin'


I finished the adorable "Jule's Sweet Sundae Socks" kit Susan gave me (thanks sister!) They look really cute on my new sock blockers!

And...I'm Out

of the "Ravelympics" competition that is. I started my Alice Starmore "Erin" cardigan during the opening ceremonies, and by the time Li Ning was flying around the Bird's Nest, I decided this color combo was just too fugly for words. So back in the box it all goes. Maybe 2010 will be my Knitting Olympics year...

Whidbey Pix

Whidbey Island was so beautiful, South Whidbey State Park has the most gorgeous campsites I've ever seen! And hardly a soul around on weekdays. We had the beach all to ourselves:

Someone told the boys you could make candy out of kelp...

Mom trying to relax for a few minutes, but Mikey has other ideas

RJ is super focused

Liam the patient fisherman (he actually caught a fish again!)

Alex and Steve debating over the merits of sand fleas or salmon eggs as bait.

Danger Island!

What's a camping trip without an adventure? The boys found a great clay cliff and went climbing up to get some pieces to carve. Of course Michael HAD to go too, then he got stuck on a ledge.

Get Me Outta Here!

OK, this is so not fun anymore.

Big Brothers to the Rescue!

Snaggle Tooth

Liam lost one front tooth on the camping trip! Alex says he helped out by punching Liam in the mouth ;-) thanks bro! The other tooth is wiggly so pretty soon we will have no front teeth, which is the most adorable look ever.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I Want One!

We spotted this cool "Shoe Car" in Pioneer Square as we were leaving the M's game. It's a really terrible picture but a fab car!

Happy Birthday Car-parts!

A day late, but heartfelt little Cara celebrated her birthday on the very auspicious date of 08/08/08. Sounds like this could be the year for her (to go get that Chinese baby)

Here's Carrie on a typical holiday morning. I'm wondering if she's repeating this scene in Virginia today (after a trip to the casino!)

Our sweet little Cara at age two. You were never likely to see her in a purple ballerina tutu unless it was Halloween, but she looks mighty precious.
C: Cute as a button!
A: Awfully Special!
R: Really Great Athlete!
A: Awesome Girl!
Cara, you were born on a boiling hot day in Spokane, delivered VERY shortly after we arrived at Sacred Heart (as you know from my telling the story a million times, your dad HAD to stop at the Lund's house to get himself a back brace b/c he had hurt his back waterskiing the day before. Never mind that his poor wife was panting and he-he-heing for all I was worth to avoid having you in the parking lot). You popped right out and were absolutely gorgeous, with that top-of-the-cheek dimple and loads of curly dark hair. We took you home that afternoon and Auntie Susna was there with a big fan and lots of help.
Two days old and you took your first plane ride to Seattle! We visited the Bothell Art Fair, where you were proudly displayed in a box for all the shoppers to see.
Life's been a ball with you around ever since! Great heart, loads of laughs, partner in fears with me and cousin Megan, fabulous player and coach in all kinds of sports, softest heart on the planet, and just all-around wonderful person.
Love you like 60!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Get Your Fair On!

The Spokane County Fair is coming up! I am going to enter two things this year, just for fun (you all may remember my last fair debacle about 20 years ago: I entered a beautiful hand knit Fair Isle Pullover with steeks, and it was disqualified with a note from the judge saying it was obviously machine made. Hmph!) I'm going to enter my Mystic Light shawl (the one in Kauni Rainbow yarn) and my Pirate Mittens (which means I will have to actually make mitten #2).
Can't wait to see what the judges say this year!

Monday, August 4, 2008

I'm in LOVE

with my birthday gift -- a new bike!

Here's my blue beauty, which was manufactured by Electra. She's a lovely Townie bike, perfect for an old lady! I added a wicker basket, and I am all set to roll (of course, if anyone wants to get me streamers or a bell, I'd love it lol). Craig at Wheel Sport knew just what I wanted when Pia and I went to check out the bikes, thanks Craig! The streets of Spokane are sure to be overrun with us AARP members out on our Townies!

This is the PERFECT bike for spazzes like me, it has only THREE gears (since I never get out of 2nd it's fine), one brake lever (I tried one with coaster brakes and was sorely tempted...), a cushy fat seat for my cushy fat behind, and it's designed with handle bars that are high so I don't have to lean over (always a problem with my sense of balance) AND it's designed so that when you have to stop, you can put your feet flat on the ground! They must have had me in mind when they created this baby!

Now I know Ryan P. is rolling on the ground laughing right now, but just ask B-Z what a retarded bike rider I was as a child (and to be honest I still am). Pia and I went out for an inaugural ride and I tell ya, I enjoyed it more than any other bike ride I've ever done.

Now if I could figure out how to walk without tripping over sidewalk cracks...

Take Me Out to The Ball Game (If I Can Knit too)

Yeah, I get to go to the Mariner's Annual Stitch and Pitch! August 7th, I'll be there with my knitting (look up in the cheap seats for all the ladies plus some guys, yakking and knitting, with no idea what's going on down on the field).

We're playing Tampa Bay, so maybe it's best NOT to know what's happening on the field, cuz we are prolly going to get stomped on. But us knitters won't care, because the entire mezzanine will be filled with yarn, patterns, kits and more to buy! Woot Woot!

Off to Whit-By Island!

Steve and I are headed to Whidbey (or Whit-by as our Baba used to say) for a couple of days of camping with the boys and their mama. The Gang is already there, scoping out all the best clubhouse spots and where the really great shell and rock collecting is to be done. I am taking my super fancy air mattress with pillow top and The Taj Mahal (Cara's ginormous tent which comfortably sleeps a horde), plus my also fancy new outdoor kitchen! No sleeping under a canvas tarp for us, we are barely one step below the Winnebago people.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Passed the Test!

The boys successfully passed their belt test and are now official Yellow Belts! They will get their new belts when they return from camping. I am very proud of our little ninjas; they studied hard to memorize many Korean words, the 5 codes of Taekwondo and lots more. They were very nervous about taking the test but they persevered (code #1), practiced self-control (#2), were humbled by their master (#3), were respectful (#4), and honestly (#5) earned their belts!

Random Cuteness

Alex in his taekwondo uniform, studying up for his belt test

Mikey is ready to head outdoors; big shirt, crocs and diapers -- we are set!

Halfway Done

Here's my completed "Jule's Sweet Sundae Sock" #1, modeled by yours truly. I love pink socks!

BTW, this was taken before I tripped over a sidewalk crack yesterday, fell flat on my face. People stifled their laughter long enough to come to my aid, which I thought was nice; I personally would have been overcome with uncontrollable guffawing at the sight of the fat lady taking a tumble. I think I have a broken big toe and lots of scrapes and owies. No socks for me for a few days!