Monday, July 9, 2007

Lazy Sunday

Not a lot to report, a lazy Sunday with a little Mariners viewing (how bout that 'brawl' lol. Baseball players are SO wussy), a little napping and a whole lotta being a slug.

Kauni progress: I ran into another 'too close colors' stripe, but I'm not taking it out. At this point, I just want to keep knitting and see how it turns out. Picture shows progress to date.

And Megs, one CAN knit and drink beer at the same time you know. Geez, I'm not a complete dork. And we did remember the tent this time, in fact we have named our tent The Taj Mahal as it is so ginormous. It's Fred & Irene's tent that I schlepped cross country from Virginia and it is roomy enough for the boys to sleep with us and still have room (of course they all ended up in a dog pile but we did have a lot of room). We were much better prepared for this camping trip, cuz we brought ice, beer, and emergency popsicles for all. A treat on a 100+ degreee day!

TRIP ALERT! for Sundstroms who might be interested, Skyn and I are coming over on 7/27, since B & Bob were kind enough to give us 2 seats in the All Star Club for the M's game that night. We will be living large! I understand you are treated like royalty in there, which will be fun. Maybe I can get someone to wind yarn for me while I watch the if anyone wants to get together on that weekend we are up for it. I need to see some of those new babies (I'll even make the trek to South Seattle if I have to!)

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Danielle said...

I agree with you about continuing to knit and seeing how the colors turn out. That's half the fun of this sweater anyhow, right :-) It's really beautiful so far. I waited too long to join the kal, and it was closed by the time I wanted to join. Oh well. At least I can comment and check out everything everyone else is doing there, right?!