Thursday, August 21, 2014


I never thought these two would become friends. Lucy remains implacably opposed to That Damn Baby. Even though TBD says "Wucy!" Every morning when she comes in the door.

Monday, August 18, 2014


Here's our first real haul of veg from the garden. Hooray!

Such a Great Week

Took zero photos of our Whidbey trip (but there's an album full on Facebook). I had such a great time and I'm so grateful to the kids for taking me to one of my fave places to celebrate my birthday. 

Here's a list of some of my personal highlights:

Picking blackberries and digging clams. Whoosh, it was 1964 again and my beloved grandparents and parents were right there in spirit. 

Terrible games. Cards Against Humanity should be outlawed. But so funny. 

Looking out at Puget Sound every day. Instant zen. 

Double Bluff beach. Great dog park!

Ferry rides. Never get old. 

Whidbey Island Coffee Tour 2014. Some good joe to be found. 

Buying a touristy sweatshirt at The Star Store. 

Mariners game. Fun to see the Davis gang, and fun that the Ms are good this year. But I really hate The Archer. 


Blackberry pie. 

A visit from Susna and Tate, with her pal Parker. Nothing sillier than 6th grade girls. Or sweeter. 

Knitting at a vacation house is extra relaxing. 

Deer in the yard. 

Mussels gathered on the beach, cooked w wine butter and garlic. Ambrosia. 

Getting to spend precious time with the people I love the most. That's priceless. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

This Gal

Happy birthday to my dear Cara Lee!  She was born early one hot August morning, with a full head of curly hair and a cute dimple on the top of her cheek.  Here she is a few months later, showing off two teeth and that dimple:

Years passed, but she always kept that smile and that big head of hair:

And her love of sports, starting with a five year old Cara playing soccer in fancy white shoes, through her inexplicable love of UNLV in middle school, and here she is in 6th grade posing with Jim Zorn (and baby brother Pooh), who came to her school for some reason:

This gal has been a ray of sunshine in my life since day 1.  The best, most fiercely loving and loyal friend, daughter, sister that anyone could ever have.  Love you so much, doll!  Happy birthday!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Happy BD

What a nice 60th birthday!  It started with coffee, breakfast and balloons and ended with a lovely dinner, cupcakes and gifts.

I got bottles of cherry juice and wine (the juice should help fend off the gout from drinking the wine), a massage appointment, comfy and cute shoes for work, a new game and a good book, a pretty skein of sock yarn, and this work of art from my little Moochie

I'm spoiled and lucky!  Thanks gang, for a perfect day!