Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fred and Irene Hit the Tropics

Just had a phone call from daughter Cara; she and her brother Tony (aka "Fred and Irene" -- family joke) are spending the week sunning and prolly drinking in the Virgin Isles. I got this pix from Wikipedia, hope where they are is as pretty (but she mentioned something about it looking a little poverty stricken so I dunno...)

Day 1 report was that they spent 3 hours on the beach and now Tone has a severe sunburn. Tourists! Also that everything on their part of the island is on a cliff, and they have to take a taxi if they want to go anywhere. I think she is wishing they had gone to Honolulu instead, but that's what ya get if you live on the East Coast Car!

They plan to roast on the beach for the remainder of their stay (if poor Fred can bear any more sun), catching up on their reading and watching out for any sort of errant wildlife (Jaws left a permanent emotional scar). I'm sure they mix a mean tropical beverage there, kids, cheers!


Meg said...

Hope Fred and Irene are having a blast. Get a pick of Car parts putting sun screen on Teen-ton...I'm sure we could post it on some perverted incest web page.

Unknown said...

OK, now I'm laughing!

Laurie said...