Thursday, July 12, 2007


It is WAY too hot! 100+ degrees today, which means I'll either be floating in the pool (we have this great pool chair floatie with a mesh seat that sort of suspends you in the water but still leaves the arms up above the water so you can still have your bookie and drinkie) or hunkered down in the bedroom where the AC unit is blasting.

Maybe I'll knit a bit during the Mariners game tonight, but not before then! My buddy Liam asked me to knit him 'a little purse, just to play with' (because you know no self-respecting 6 year old boy would want one for REALS) in black and white with the Number 1 on it. Not sure what this all signifies but I may have to create a little treasure bag for him, as I cannot say no to any request for a knitted item from this little guy (of course, he is still waiting for the leaf I'm supposed to make for his dinosaur, he is worried Dino is getting hungry) A small project that doesn't involve wool sitting on one's lap sounds like the ticket for this weather.


Sue said...

where did you find that FABULOUS picture??? You are so hilarious! Glad I am not there - plenty hot enough here - and I have no pool to float in - may have to make like Berl and Joy and get one . . . I HATE global warming - bring back my seattle weather!

Unknown said...

I need to get one of those hats for Africa. You are crazy mom! Very funny, but I think the heat might be getting to your head now!