Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another Thing I Will Probably Never Knit

Knitted Toilet Paper Roll. But somehow it is kind of cute. And the designer says you can wear it as a scarf (which would def. be handy if you are out hiking and you have to go...) Free pattern is here

Help Me Pick A Name!

My new car needs a name! The boys offered some ideas this morning (Mikey's still thinking about it), but we all agreed she needs a name. Vote for your fave!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Rag Curls!

When we were little, our 'Tata' (grammy) used to give us beautiful hairdos with 'rag curls'. Did Grammy Susan do that with Tatum, cuz she sure looks fancy!


First new shoes, now a NEW CAR! Yep I went and bought a new Kia Sedona minivan today! She is very pretty, and brand new. Now I just have to work the rest of my life to pay for it...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Geetar Pickin'

here are the twins singing and plucking their own original compositions. American Idol, next stop!

Alex Singin' the Blues

Liam Pickin' and Grinnin'

Dept. of Things I'm Never Going to Knit

A cashmere argyle sweater for a cat. But if you are so inclined, get the free pattern here

First BBQ of the Year

We FINALLY got a day of sunshine! To celebrate and to say goodbye to our good friend Miss Priscilla (who's heading back to Disney-land after graduation), Lorraine hosted a bbq. Yum! I managed to take a few pix:

The ever-elusive RJ is finally caught on film...

Alex showing off his missing bottom front teeth. I am still trying to get him to say "She sells seashells by the seashore" for my video camera so you can hear his adorable lisp.

Liam hasn't forgotten his monkey bar skills over the winter!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Life With Mikey

Michael is getting to be quite the big boy (but still has a lot of adorable baby in him!) Here are some pix from a typical day with the little fella:

A Two Year Old can always find interesting small stuff. Here are a whole bunch of little ants, just waiting to be picked up (and maybe crushed)

Hangin' with the Brothers. Mikey see, Mikey do (which is a little unnerving when it involves jumping off of tall things or riding one's scooter out into the street)

Apparently, Michael has also learned to climb trees. Who knew? But here's further evidence:

And Day is Done. This was so cute! Mikey and I were sitting together on the couch, eating Dora crackers and playing with toys. One second he was all busy, I looked down and he was curled up in a little ball with his head on my lap, sound asleep. Presh!

New Kicks!

Does anything say SPRING like a pair of yellow polka dot Cons? I think not. Katie bought me these for Mother's Day (early) when I was in LA. Yeah for Tar-jay! Also, immediately after this fab purchase we spotted Beverley Leslie from Will & Grace. A grand day all around

Friday, April 25, 2008

And One More

Cuz you know I lurve the Dinette Set. And this is exactly who I am when it comes to cars.

How We Roll...

When Katie and I drove from DC to Spokane, our two big goals were to eat at a Cracker Barrel and a Bob Evans. We never did get to BE, but did do the Barrel. Once was enough.

This Week's Sign that The Apocolypse is Upon Us...

Our Fearless Leader appeared on "Deal or No Deal". Because he has nothing really important to do, I guess...like world peace or global warming or anything...

Shawl Progress

Here's my 'Mystic Light' shawl so far. I'm using leftovers from my Kauni cardi, and I think it is coming out pretty nicely. You can't really see the pretty lace and cable patterns in this picture, but once I finish and block it, I'll have a nice pix to show yall.
I had to rip out a couple of rows (gak) so I was able to lay it out on the floor. There are about a gazillion stitches on the needles at this point, so I wasn't at all sure what it looked like!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Clean Team

The new clawfoot tub is ALMOST ready for use, but meantime Michael has been refusing to take a shower. And you know a 2 year old is pretty hard to convince that a shower is fun.

I plunked him in the kitchen sink this morning for a little bath, and he thought it was the greatest idea ever.

Another Snaggletooth

Here's Alex and his four 'pits' from getting those baby teeth pulled. Ouch! He has the cutest little lisp now!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Brave Little Snaggleteeth!

The twins each got 4 bottom baby teeth pulled today! Yikes! The permies are coming in and the doc said there was no room in those little mouths.

They were super-duper brave little soliders though, not a tear or a shriek. Way better than I would do that's for sure!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

1 Year Old!

Happy first birthday Madeline! Look at all those toofies!

Happy Earth Day

This is Earth Day, hope you are doing something good for the planet! Does it count to be knitting my Mystic Light shawl with 'recycled' yarn? (I am using the leftovers from another project)...

Morning Activities

I spent the night with the boys last night, as Mama had to be out of town. Michael is a total bed hog despite his small stature! Major sideways sleeper.

Here are some pix of our typical morning activities:

Liam and Mikey are working a puzzle together. Michael is very good at it, he can whip through a 25 piece puzzle like nobody's business! Liam is just lending moral support.

Al in the Gameboy Position (this picture was actually from a while ago Mom!) These guys do love the Gameboy...

Monday, April 21, 2008

What The...?

It is April 21st and it is snowing AGAIN. I am all for sweater and mitten weather, but hasn't it been spring everywhere else in the US for a month or so? Just asking.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

When You Tire of Knitting Plain Old Socks...

Knit a computer cover! Insures complete privacy when you're surfing at 'Bucks or at your office. Plus keeps you cozy and warm!

Friday, April 18, 2008

US Postal Service Just Got Incredibly Smart

By offering personalized photo stamps! I got a (darling) thank you note from Hadley and her folks, with this stamp on the envelope. A real heart-melter!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Concert Cuties!

Lord have mercy, is there anything cuter than a show put on by 1st & 2nd graders?! The boys entertained us at their school concert on Monday night. The 1st grade's theme was the circus and the 2nd grade went with the Wild West. So darling! I forgot my video cam (darn it!) so I can't share the incredible preciousness of Riveria singing his solo on "Old Dan Tucker":

He was pitch perfect and remembered every word!

Alex square dancing with his classmates. He was so cute, especially with his bowing to his partner. He also juggled scarves and sang up a storm of course. Looked like he knew all the words too!

Liam was an absolute riot during his class's boffo hula hoop routine! He started out with the old standard HH around the waist, then all of a sudden he was twirling that hoop around the neck, around the wrist, around the knees, standing on one leg and more. Def. his sport!

I Think We Found It!

The world's fugliest pair of shoes, that is. I will NEVER believe that Nordy's offered these shoes with attached socks in their regular stores, but we found these in the Rack. SOOOO UGLY!!! The picture doesn't begin to reveal the total fug of this shoe, it has metallic and all kinds of glitzy stuff on it. And of course my fat calf doesn't help the situation any!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Square Dancin' Fool!

I got to attend the boys' 1st and 2nd grade concerts last Monday. So cute! Unfortunately, I forgot my video camera, so you won't get to see Liam's incredible hula hooping skills (around the neck, on the arm, one legger and more), Alex's fab juggling scarves act, or hear Riveria nail his solo on "Old Dan Tucker" plus much more super cute action. But I did get a snippet of RJ square dancing. He's very serious!

So Silly!

My trip to LA was so much fun! We even indulged in a little thrift store shopping (to no avail, Angelenos apparently don't knit or crochet...) The girls had to do something silly to overcome their thrift store phobia, so we tried on old lady wigs:

I Totally should have bought this hat! (and are my ears crooked or do I always just have crooked glasses???)

Lavs Plack, in her Pixie Cut Wig.

Cara claimed she looked no different in HER wig, just with bangs. But we know she'd have to iron her real hair for an hour to get this super trendy straight 'do.

Katie in the Old Lady Bubble Wig. That's Hot!

Katie insisted we go to Pinkberry for a treat. Despite my initial gagging on frozen yogurt, I did love it once it got topped with yummy strawberries and kiwi. Kinda trendy for a small town girl tho.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Home Sweet Home

My LA adventure has come to an end, and I'm back in rainy Spokane. I had such a great time with the girls! Yesterday, they were kind to their mom, and we went to the Rose Bowl Swap Meet. It's HUGE. Lots of junk. I managed to find 2 good knitting books, they each bought a headband, and we really enjoyed our $5.00 soft drinks ;-) It was soooo hot!

We then headed into Old Pasadena, where there's a nice street of stores (all the usual suspects, we didn't find any fun local shops, but maybe we weren't looking hard enough). We had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory (good but not esp. worth a 30 minute wait) and just enjoyed hanging out together.

My flight home was a non-stop, woot! Super crowded and of course I had restless leg the whole way. Pia picked me up (thanks Peeps! good to see you again, seems like forever since you've actually been home) and then up at 4:30 this morning to do some yoga for my poor body and off to work. Boys were glad to see me back, and vice versa. Now the couch is calling me for some nap time...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

woo hoo Malibu!

No celebs today but we drove up to Malibu and went to Free city Superstore (Cara alleges everyone cool shops here. I didn't see anyone cool besides us but whatevs) the girls bought fab hoodies while I swooned about the pricetags. We visited some other stores and headed to the beach. Lovely weather and very relaxing.

We are now on the Promenade in Santa Monica, drinking ritas at the world's loudest and slowest restaurant. I am scared bc I just forgot how to spell restaurant. Or maybe the rita is better than I. Think

Friday, April 11, 2008

Day O Fab Fun

My LA adventure has been great so far! We picked up Cara at LAX (she survived barely) and we were off. Shopping, Pinkberry, breakfast at Jerry's (supposedly famous), more shopping, and even a couple of thrift stores.

We saw another celeb! Kevin Richardson from the Backstreet Boys. I can't swear to this bc I have no idea who he is but the girls say he is famous. My one claim to celebrity is that we drove by
Suss Cousins' knitting store. Well I was excited.

We are at a Dodgers game tonight in really nice seats. Dodger dogs yum!

Brunette again!!!

Here is proof of the new color and (much-needed) haircut I got! Woot!



Weekend O Fun

I'm safely arrived in LA, and the excitement is just beginning! Katie and I cruised through H'wood and made a stop at Target (where we spotted the tiny Beverly Leslie from Will & Grace! Celeb #1!!) K treated me to a cute outfit, so that she would not be totally ashamed to be seen with me. She's already signed me up for What Not to Wear, but in the meantime she is conducting her own version on me.

Last night, she colored and cut my hair --- no more Silvertip! It looks very cute. I'll see if I can get some pix today, you may not recognize me...

We are picking up Cara this morning, then off to the Dodgers game tonight, thanks to Sarah's BF Stu. We do have to pretend we are Cedars-Sinai employees who are thinking about buying a box, but whatevs. Will let you all know how the celeb count progresses.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I am now sitting in SLC waiting for my connection to LA. There's a gorgeous view of the mountains out the window but not too much else exciting (unless you think paying 7 bucks for a sandwich at 'Bucks is exciting) all the
Delta flights seem to be overbooked. I am waiting to see if my flight is too, who doesn't love the cash to take a later flight!?

At the airport

I'm sitting at
Spokane 'international' airport waiting for my flight and of course it's super dull. I am blogging via my phone, ain't technology grand? Is it wrong to want to hurt the lady who can't figure out if her laptop is connected to the internet and has been on the phone for 20 minutes saying that to some poor tech slob at her office? I didn't think so.

Off to La-La Land!

I'm off to LA to visit Katie and Cara! Not sure what we'll be doing, but I am sure we will have a blast. I'll be ecstatic if there's warm weather!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I Cannot Resist...

Because you know I worship the 'falling down model' video...

Here's an idea for a baby name...

Today's baby announcements included the birth of a girl named ZAIDENCE. Megs, if you need ideas for baby #2, here ya go. Don't bother to thank me, just make sure her middle name is PLACK.

One More Day!

Before the return of "The Office"! Yeah!!!! I am heading down to LA tomorrow so Katie and I will be plunked in front of the TV at 9:00 PDT watching and laughing.
Cara joins us on Friday; I'm wondering if we should arrange for wheelchair transport for our poor little airline traveler. Hope they have lots of airsick bags in her row and that the airline steward/esses take extra good care of her.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Beautiful Madeline Ann

Here's our darling Maddie, nearly 1 year old! Her folks had professional pix taken, and they are precious. Of course, I think the ones her mama takes are just as good...

Getting the Ya-Yas Out!

We generally need to do some running and letting off steam before we're ready to settle down to classwork. Here are the guys at Whitworth, running like the wind!

Sock Progress

This is my "Nascar" sock (made from Nascar color yarn from Fancy Image Yarn) and it's my 'carry along project' for those times when I'm sitting on a park bench (or walking through the park since I have a handy Port a Pocket to keep the yarn in, which can hang from my wrist while I work), or waiting for the boys. I'm ready to start the toe decreases, woot! It's a fun colorway, brighter than the picture shows.

Monday, April 7, 2008

What Happened Loudie?

I was with Pam when she bought the yarn for this adorable halter top. She told me it was going to be a present for a certain cute little girl who is turning 1 soon... What happened Loudie? It looks a little big (of course we know your girls are peanuts, but still, I think there would be major side boobage if you gave this to you know who). It is still adorable though!

Group Leader Tatum

Tatum told me she is now a group leader in her ballet class. Obvs. she takes her job very seriously, to judge from that hard listening she is doing!

Roller Derby!

Mornings at Casa Parlange are always action-packed. This morning, we got a visit from Roller Derby champ Mikey the Mauler. He's fierce!