Friday, February 29, 2008

Lord Have Mercy

Steve & I are both down with the flu this week, not fun. The last two days have been mostly spent coughing, sneezing, sleeping, peeing on myself when I cough too hard, and more fun stuff. I'm hoping a few more doses of Nyquil will either cure me or leave me so comatose I no longer care.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"I Oughta Punch You in the Face!"

OMG I am in love with Madea!

I came home sick today, the hideous flu bug is eating me alive. Thinking a little daytime TV might give me the will to live I turned on "Diary of a Mad Black Woman". Lord Have Mercy, this movie is a riot! Madea is the utterly fab gun totin' grandma played by Tyler Perry, and she is an absolute hoot. Here are a few of her lines:

(To anyone) "I am a diabetical. I got to eat!"
(To Brenda, Helen's husband's new girlfriend) "I ain't scared a no po-po. Call the po-po, hoe! CALL THE PO-PO HOE!"
(Brenda) "If I call the police, they're gonna be here in ten minutes" (Madea) "Okay. Then that leave me nine to beat the mess outta you" (Brenda) "I know taekwondo!" (Madea) "And I know whomp-your-arss!"

If you haven't seen this movie, go immediately to the video store and rent it! Every time Madea is on screen, you'll be dying with laughter.

February Birthday Madness

How did I forget to salute the two precious gals who started off the whole February Birthday Madness thing in our family? Miss Tatum and her Mama Mrs. Pamela, the world's greatest intarsia knitter both celebrated Feb. birthdays. Two of our favorite girls!!! I had to miss the festivities, due to living on the 'wrong side' of the Cascades, but I have a feeling that both Tate and her mother instructed the party-goers to "get in a circle" and one of them threw a conniption if the circle wasn't just right or the birthday song was sung incorrectly. Am I right???

Busy Morning!

School mornings are busy mornings! For some of us anyway...Mikey, Riveria and Alex devote a little pre-school time to the Gameboy (not very long, Mom, don't hate!)

Liam used his time a little more productively. He asked about Hawaii, so he and I checked wikipedia for some good pictures and dreamed about an island getaway (we were both impressed with the avg. January temp of 80..) When we found lava/volcano pictures, he was on cloud 9. We printed out a few and he practiced his writing by noting a few volcano tidbits on his little 'book', which he took to school to show his teacher. Bonus points!!!

Can't Forget Cuzzy Kipper

Happy BD (yesterday) Toj!

I couldn't locate any good baby pix of the Kipper from the box of horrors (aka the old photos in the garage), like of him crying in the dugout after he struck out, or tormenting the girls, or even walking around with underpants on his head (I'm sure he must have done that). However, I did find this one, and I assure you that you are IN this picture, albeit in utero:

Bet you didn't know your mom was ever this young (let alone Mimi!) Love ya, and hope you and your darling family had a faboo party!

Just Cuz...

I found this action shot of Carrie while I was looking through old pix, and just had to post it bc I lurve it so much! Hey Billy Ray C, yer mullet is lookin' HAWT.
Oh and your old nemesis J Stin is gawking in the background.

Megalina Pegalina

Happy Birthday Mrs. Meg Prentice! Seems like only yesterday you and your fam were living just up the street in beeyootiful Frontier Heights and we got to see you all the time!

You and your mama were at a Halloween party at our house (1980, don't ask me WHY I was hosting a costume party, I really have no idea). Mama came as a bee of course, and you are evidently costumed as Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt:

Talk about being ahead of the gossip curve.

Hope you and your darling family have a wonderful celebration! And just let Ry know that Hads' (lack of) hair obviously doesn't come from YOUR side of the family.

We Heart Rotch!

Our Girl Pia always knew exactly WHO she was (even if she didn't know how to fit that wretchedly long last name on a piece of paper)

Even at the age of 3, Rotchie rocked the leather boots! All she needed was her very own stripper pole...

"Ping! Your Wish Is Granted!"

Looks like she got her stripper pole eventually...

Peeps was never content to accessorize like the other girls; if the perfect match for her one piece red zip-front suit was a pair of lime green baby socks, so be it -- too bad if they had to go on her hands. One must suffer for fashion

Always smiling! Pia visits with the big guy (and asks him about the possibility of returning her little sister for something more fun like a book or Barbie outfits...) However, she was a good sport when Santa revealed that not only did she have to keep the sibling she had, but two more of the little attention-grabbers were in the works.

Happy day to the ultimate first child and big sister! We Love You!

Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday...

Today is Your Day, you'll have a lot of fun!
My girl Pia Irene is 32 years old today, and she hasn't changed one bit!
AKA: Peeps, Peepee, Reenie, Beans, Rotch, Rotchie and many more I'm sure (we are not the nicknamin' family for nothing!)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Nanny's Life

It's been a LONG time since I had to change diapers on a daily basis! Mikey is still in 'nappies' and boy did he reward me this morning with one of those mega-poops! Poor guy, he could barely walk he had such a load in the dipes. But he's still the sweetest baby ever! He and I played "stegosaurus and giraffe" with two little plastic toys he had and we had a fun time, going to the park, taking naps, going to first grade, eating together and much much more. Giraffe even gave Stegs some very sweet kisses.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

And the Winner Is...

It's a tie! Katie and Pia tied in the family Oscar Pool with 11 correct picks. Somehow, I tied with Cara for last place, with Tony safely in the middle. Katie and I had a great time IM-ing through the entire ceremony, and believe me, we were way funnier than anything said during the show.
My man Viggo got robbed, but he's still #1 with me. And I loved Helen M. of course, her dress was beautiful (though Katie seemed to think she had hot glued on some bedazzled sleeves. I tried to explain that ladies of a certain age need to wear sleeves but she wasn't buying it.)


I have been getting some 'look here' comments on my blog posts, with a link to click. PLEASE DON'T click on these, they are viruses. I am deleting them as fast as I find them, but you may see one before I do. I hate to have to go to 'invited only' or 'comments must be approved' as I know it's kind of a PITA to my dear readers...but if this keeps up, I may be forced into it!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Here's my Oscar Pick!

Basically, the only award I care about this year is Best Actor, cuz my heart belongs to hottie Viggo! Go Viggo!!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Boots of Mystery

OK who is sending me boots! I got this package in the mail the other day, with a very cute pair of Frye boots in them. NO packing slip or anything, and I know I didn't buy them! Unfortch, they are not quite my size, but they are so cute, I'd be willing to wear thick socks with them or stuff the toes with kleenex ala M-Prent.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Finally, No More Scrap Noodles!

I finally managed to get the boys in for hair cuts! They were looking pretty scrappy, but now they look like handsome young men. Unfortch, Mama is still putting the kibosh on cutting Mikey's hair so he is still scrappy. But cute anyway!

A Really Big Show

Wow the eclipse tonight is spectacular! The boys and I have been reading all about it in the paper, so we were very excited to have an excellent view right out of the living room window. It's super clear tonight in Spokane, and you can see the full moon eclipsing very easily. There are two bright stars along with the moon, Regulus and Saturn (no I didn't know that until I read about it). Anyway, it has been a beautiful sight and a fun learning opportunity for the little guys!

Big Guy

Michael is getting very grown up (read: independent minded). He insisted on putting on his own shoes this morning, hope you can tell they are on the wrong feet lol. I'm not sure they even fit him anymore, but hey I couldn't squash his little spirit by making him change.

He's also sauntering along with his hands in his pockets, too cute!

The Arm Bone's Connected to the...

Liam's observation of the day: he was asking me how your arm makes the farting noise when you 'flap' it (you know what I mean, esp if you happen to be a 7 year old boy). I didn't really have an explanation so he offered this:

"You have a bone in your arm, and it has a button on it. When you move that bone, you press the button, then it makes the farting noise. But don't tell my mom."

Sounds logical to me!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wart Gravy--Not!

Another family tradition is that of 'wart gravy' (you know the kind, with lumps and what not), and I have faithfully carried it on into the next generation. In fact, I believe I am the only one in my family who actually had a rep as a really bad gravy maker.
Well, no longer. I actually successfully made gravy from scratch last night! Steve gave it two thumbs up (of course, he would be grateful to eat anything that is not fast food). Thank you, my old faithful "Joy of Cooking"!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Biker Babe!

Katie already 'stole' the picture of Tatum as Bag Lady 2050, but I LOVE this shot of our little fashionista with her bike totally blinged out. Could she get any more glitz or glamour in this biking ensemble and vehicle? I esp. love the fur vest, which any self-respecting training wheel biker must wear.

Mitten Mania!

It probably would have been better if I had gotten into knittin' mitten mode a couple of weeks ago when the snow was falling fast and deep, but I figure there will still be some winter left...
I am working on mittens for all four boys. I've finished the ones for the twins (Gator Mitts with 'claws' for Alex and Flip Top Mittens for Liam) and I'm on to Pirate/Skull Mittens for RJ, which I hope he'll be able to wear a time or two before he loses them (unlike the cool Pirate/Skull hat I knit for him last year which he lost immediately). Once these are done, I'm finishing up with Buggy Mittens for Mikey. By then, I figure the snow will all have melted away.

Happy President's Day!

Hope you have the day off, too!
I am honoring one of my fave First Ladies, Mary Todd Lincoln, today. She was quite an interesting character, and in reading about her life and struggles, I found myself identifying with her. So perhaps I will go shopping today, to salute the nation's first shopoholic, MT Lincoln!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Me with the new Sidekick

You've seen some of my photography with my new phone. I'd do better taking pictures of my inner ear!

A New Skill!

Liam is such a card, he cracks me up every day! Today he was flaring his nostrils in rhythm while we were in the car. I asked him what he was doing and he said he was flaring them in time with the blinkers on the school bus in front of us. Had to take a piccy of my little flamer! As you may know, I am an expert nostril flarer myself, so he and I had a great time flaming together.

Listening to an Old Favorite

The "Betsy-Tacy" series of books by Maud Hart Lovelace were among my very favorites when I was a young reader. I think my love of history comes from reading about these two little girls in turn of the century Minnesota.

I just downloaded the first book in the series ("Betsy-Tacy"), and am listening to it while I work. Great fun! And I just discovered there is a Betsy-Tacy Society which sounds like just my cuppa tea. Don't tease me, I can't help it!

Two New FO's!

I finished two pairs of mittens for the twins. Of course, now that they are done the weather is hitting 40... Sorry the pictures aren't very good, but hopefully you can see something! Liam asked for flip top mittens, and I made these (from Handknit Holidays) and Alex got a pair of Gator Mitts (from Morehouse Farm).

Happy V Day!

Michael the Tattooed Boy wishes you all a happy Valentine's Day! I gave each boy a little goodie bag of VD junk, lots of fun (esp. the tattoos).

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Poor Susna!

Poor Sister Sue! She is stuck at home taking care of her hubby Tom, who has just had knee surgery. I hear reports that her nursing skills are being tested BIG TIME. Now where are the angels of mercy (aka nurse Megs and nurse Katie) when they are really needed? One's jogging down Finn Hill with a ginormous black lab and a big ole stroller and the other is stalking celebs in So Cal.
Get well SOON Tom!


...Laying down for a 'power nap' when you have been up since 3 am! I was just going to catch 40 winks, and woke up at the time I am supposed to be picking the boys up from school! Yikes! Cuz it's a 30 minute+ drive from our house to the school! Luckily, Lorraine had come home because Liam had a tummy ache so she was able to get the little guys. And she promised not to fire me from my nanny duties.

Man, we have to move closer, the drive is too long! Not sure the White Rose can handle 50 miles a day driving (and I know I can't!) We found a cute rental very close to the P's house, with a backyard swimming pool (with slide), swingset and clubhouse. Oh yeah, the house is nice too. I think we are going to put in an ap. Not that we want to move (again! always write our addy in pencil people), but it sure would be handy to be on the same side of town.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Broken Wing

Poor Mikey! He was practicing his flying leaps over the piled up sofa cushions and landed 'funny' on his foot. It's bruised and a little swollen, and he can't walk on it. He has taken to crawling with his foot up in the air. Very pitiful! We think it's just a mild sprain, but he is definitely working it. Pointing at various things and making people fetch for him -- what fun!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

That's My Baby Boy!

Tony just sent me a pix of his new personalized license plates. So cute, as we all call him Pooh Bear. Of course, they'll never get it in West Virginia...

Friday, February 8, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Little kids are so brilliant and so funny! Here are some of the great things the boys said this week:

1. we went to Mickey D's to play on the 'toy' due to the hideous weather. I had promised to buy apple dippers for the gang, but I forgot my wallet at home. Liam told me he was starving, and I explained I didn't have any money to buy food. He looked at the table next to us with its tray of leftover food and said "Can't we just eat garbage?"

2. Riveria looked over every single bouquet at Costco and brought me a bouquet of two dozen roses! And he wrote me a note this morning that said "I love you". How sweet is that? Of course, he also wrote me a note that said "bring snow shovel after school or ELSE".

3. Liam again: we were looking at a print that his mom has hanging on the wall, and he was asking how it got made. I explained that the artist painted what was in their imagination, and he asked "Does he see pictures in his mind like I do?" Probably not nearly as wonderful as the ones you see, Liam!

4. Alex and I have a real 'soul connection', it's great being his godmother. He's been loving having me nanny for them, and every night when I tuck him in, he asks me to wake him up as SOON as I get to their house in the morning. The other night, Lorraine was tucking him in, and he asked her with a smile "I wonder what we'll get to do with Laurie tomorrow?" I always get a big hug and kiss from him every morning and night, and it's great to be loved!

5. Michael is such a little rascal! He copies EVERYTHING his big brothers do. Whether it's flying off the couch to land on the piled up cushions, flying down the snowy street with a brother on the sled, or making karate moves, he is all over it. He loves the 'grrr' sweater I knit for him, and though he's not using many words yet, he is a pro at communicating. He wanted to wear it the other day, so he 'acted out' the dog and the grrrr and pointed to his tummy to show where it was supposed to go.

It's Me...Again

Especially the velour tracksuit...arghh.

Fancy Schmancy!

Steve got me a new phone for Valentine's Day (well, he got it cuz I was whining about how dull my old phone was). It's a Sidekick and wow is it ever fancy! Hopefully I will learn to use all the bells and whistles. I'm kind of a spaz at this techy stuff (as is pretty much anyone my age ;-*) but soon I hope to have the fastest typing thumbs in town.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mr. Acorn

Here's Michael in the Acorn Hat I knit for one of the twins a couple of years ago. Sorry it's not a very good picture but he's a moving target these days. I think this hat is sooo cute, but never could get the boys to wear them. Katie claimed they were too girly looking, but I just thought they were precious.

When The Saints Go Marching In...

Praise Jebus, I took the boys to Ash Wednesday service at their church this morning. We all got the ashes on the forehead and other than some rolling under the pews down toward the front of the church (I made sure we sat in the very last row), the little guys were very good. Here they are in their ashy glory on the way to school (cuz what could be cooler than going to school with official religious dirt on your face?) BTW, the priest must have been a real newbie -- he forgot the collection. Prolly the only Catholic priest in the world who would forget to collect the $$$ lol.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Scrap Noodle Alert!

Tate the Fashion Queen is all decked out for some sort of event...She is wearing (among lots of other things) the pink poncho I knit for her, plus the cute mittens her grammy knit. This girl def. has style to spare!


Mrs. Pam Narode is one talented knitter! I know she's been working on this blankie for a while and it looks like Logan is making excellent use of the finished project. Gorgeous work, Loodie! Maybe you can tell me why my intarsia sweater fell apart, since you are obvs. a much better intarsia knitter than yours truly.

Back to Work!

FINALLY we all made it back on schedule after a full week off for snow (tho we are supposed to get more tonight god forbid). Here's how my morning went:

We made it to school about 1 minute before 9. Mostly due to not being able to find Alex's sneakers, which created a crisis cuz today is PE. He tried to sneak RJ's shoes into his backpack, didn't work. But we found some old ones in the hall closet and hopefully he can cram his feet in them. I was informed that his Crocs would NOT work as he cannot run in them (though I saw him running, bike riding, etc in them all summer)

Liam got mad bc it wasn't his day to sit in the front seat and decided to walk to school. I told him 2x to come get in the car and when he didn't, I went ahead and started up the hill. Well of course that produced tears etc. when I drove past him. The other boys begged me to stop for him (they ARE good to their tribe when the chips are down), which I had intended to do, just wanted to put a little FOG (fear of God) into Liam. When he got in the car, he was crying and told me "Laurie, you made me very sad." By the time we got to school, he was pretty much over the whole trauma.

Mikey got in trubs for throwing his bowl of oatmeal on the floor, and of course the brothers defended him against meanie Laurie. But we kissed and made up and all is well.

RJ was taking cupcakes to school for his 'half birthday' (a great invention by teachers for all us kids with summer birthdays). Thank goodness, they made it into the classroom without incident.

Now all we have to do this afternoon is pick up all boys, eat our snacks, play outside, do our homework, eat dinner, take baths, go to speech, read a story, get back rubs and then nighty night. Then Gramma Laurie goes home and has a nice glass of wine!

GRRRR! Is Right!

Remember the adorable sweater I knit last week for Michael? I noticed a tiny hole up by the tail when he wore it for the first time. So I decided to take it home and wash it then fix anything that needed fixing. To my horror, when it came out of the dryer, the %@&^$ thing was full of holes and ladders!
I've done intarsia knitting many times and have never had anything like this happen. It seemed to have occurred mainly at the areas where the red and brown yarns ended/started. I KNOW I twisted the yarns around each other and everything looked fine when I had finished, so I'm stumped as to why this would have happened. The yarn IS very soft and kind of 'slippery' and I'm wondering if that was the cause. I'm def. never using this yarn again.
Non-knitters, you can ignore this post. And Mr. Grrrr is all fixed now. Mikey will be very happy!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Don't You Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like ME?

Found this ad in a 1955 knitting magazine (it's almost as old as I am). This would make a great Halloween wig lol.