Monday, July 30, 2007

Fun with the Fam!

We wrapped up our visit to Seattle with dinner at the Davises, attended by the babies and their owners (oops I mean parents). I got to hold all kinds of sweet little things (Maddie was a little sour when she urped on me lol, I forgive you Mads!) and visit with the parental units. They are all too precious for words! Here are some pix of the darlings (not very good ones -- evidently you can give me an expensive camera, but you can't make me use it correctly)

Hadley's dad Ryan "I thought I was smarter than a 4th grader" Prentice received his Gryffindor Beanie with good spirit. He promises to wear it when he presides over the monthly meetings of the Harry Potter Fan Club, Harry is the 7th Horcrux Chapter. I just finished a matching "Gryffindor House Elf" hat for miss Hadley so she can attend club meetings properly attired too.
Great Nieces Tatum and Logan are getting WAY too big! Loggidy is sitting up and has a tooth, with another on the way. She showed a fondness for olive oil and garlic like a good Italian baby, while noshing on a green bean. And the amazing Tate wowed us all with her brains, charm and beauty as usual. I cannot wait to see the posse these four little ladies form as soon as they all learn to walk (Tate will do all the talking).


Unknown said...

So lucky, getting to see all of the grand-nieces at once. The pics were fine. I love that Hads were her "crown". They're all getting sooooo big.

Sue said...

great blogging Lavs (at least from the fam point of view) Can't wait to get my Kauni yarn! Trying to finish as much stuff as possible so I can devote all my time to that! Great to see you guys! xoxo

Meg said...

Love it when I'm on people's makes me feel kind of famous...I would be a paparazzi whore for sure. It was so fun to see you both gaa-gaa over all the girls. You take such good care of them with all your fancy knits, they are pretty lucky gals to have Auntie Lodie.