Thursday, June 28, 2012

Can't We All Just Get Along?

It's been a bit of an emotional roller coaster for the three pups as they get to know and not hate each other.  Lucy is EAGER to be besties with Lois and Walt.  They are NOT eager to add a third wheel to the canine Fred & Irene duo.

After a week of
1. Lulu being terrified of walking through any room where Lois & Walt were hulking
2. Wally having a constant look of extreme stress on his face (more whites of his eyes showing than you can imagine)
3. Lola figuring out where Lucy's favorite spots to lay, then lorcaing in them with a sly grin (BTW, just read that the new weight loss drug is called "LORCASTATIN".  PERFECT)
4. The dogs trying to attack each other every damn time they came in the house/yard after a walk or Lulu went under the table when we were eating and other apparently stressful events

Cara took matters in hand from afar and contacted a dog "whisperer" to come see us.  She was a little weird (I mean she's a dog whisperer), but had a lot of solid advice and observations for us.  She told us the two olds can no longer bully Lucy and we needed to keep them separated until we are able to achieve a "Pack" with the 3 of them.  She suggested we continue our daily walks (oddly, all 3 are fine with each other when on the leash.  I guess they know that they are not the pack leaders when they are on leashes or something)  She wants us to work on their training after their daily walk, with the 3 dogs each on a leash working with a human but all in the same area so they can start to get used to each other (the basic sit, wait, down and come commands with lots of treats)  And get a baby gate to keep them separate in the house.

So far, it's definitely MUCH more relaxed.  It's pretty easy in our little house to divide it between living room and kitchen/dining room so that the pups can be in a comfy place but apart.  They are enjoying the walks and the treats and the attention.  Lulu is a training superstar (you knew she would be a teacher's pet) and Lola knows all the commands.  She doesn't necessarily want to DO them for you but she knows them and is getting way better.  Walt is a buffoon who will do anything for a treat.  And is also getting better at following commands :-)

Lisa our DW also recommended a homeopathic remedy for dogs called "Harmony" which she says can be very effective.  I ordered some and we are interested to see if it really does work.  Can't hurt anyways.  Plus our upcoming move to a much larger house (5 bedrooms, 3 living areas and a much bigger yard) should help everyone relax. 

Can't say I ever planned to be a dog person, but I'm learning right along with the three stooges.

Friday, June 22, 2012

I'm An Author!

My first Piecework article is published, and I'm thrilled to bits!

Promise me all of you will move the July/August issue of Piecework up to the front of the magazine rack every time you go to the grocery store and book store :-)

I'm hoping the Historic Knitting Group on Ravelry will be kind in their comments.  I've already begged them to go easy on me.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Pooh, Lois, Walt and I rolled into Tekoa Street at about 7:30.  At 7:31, Lucy was cowering on her mama's feet.  Poor little thing, she didn't realize Piggy and Munchy are evil crabs.

Actually, everyone is sacked out in the living room.  We're hoping all will be BFFs by this time tomorrow...

So happy to have our Pooh Bear home!  Cara will be following shortly, and then my happiness will be complete.

Inflation Rears Its Ugly Head

The 10,000 Silver Dollar Tourist Trap is now the 50,000 Silver Dollar Tourist Trap.

Since we didn't have an 8 year old with his/her $10.00 trip allowance burning a hole in his/her pocket, we opted not to go in and peruse the faux Native American souvenirs.  I'm kind of sad now, we should have purchased beaded coin purses for everyone.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Oh South Dakota, I Love You

We finally rolled into Billings MT, after a marathon day of driving.  Pooh Bear is the champ driver, and we've maintained our trip goal of never having to back the truck/trailer up (well, almost never. A bad parking lot our first night spoiled our perfect record)

South Dakota didn't get the memo about highway beautification.  So every 20 feet along the freeway there is a super cheesy billboard for one of the numerous "attractions" the state has to offer bored tourists.  Including the "World's Largest Bull Head" pictured here (you can't see it, but there's also the World's Largest Hammer plus some other randoms)

Of course, Wall Drug advertises every 10 feet, but we opted not to stop.  We're saving ourselves for The 10,000 Silver Dollar tourist trap in Montana. 

I don't actually understand the plethora of "Mystery Caves", "Reptile Farms", petting zoos etc.  The state just has to be loaded with historical sites, dinosaur bones, geology and more.  But none of those places get so much as a hand-lettered sign. 

I take that back; the Laura Ingalls Wilder (Little House on the Prairie author) got a small brown sign.  Pooh didn't even slow down.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

On The Road

Tony and I (plus Lois and Walter, the wonder dogs) are headed back to the Great NW with a trailer of stuff.  Cara will be following shortly, yay!

We are currently in lovely Dayton, Ohio.  We have a long day of driving (and by we, I mean Pooh Bear) and should end up in Sioux Falls SD tonight.

I have managed to hit a few thrift stores en route in my never-ending search for inventory for my store.  Nothing much thus far.  I'm hoping that the Midwest will be full of knitting & crochet treasures from Grandma's attic.

Walt spent a lot of time last night barking at his reflection in the full length mirror.  Idiot.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


no pix yet, but I'm enjoying my first night in F-burg.  I got to see fireflies!  We do not have these in the Pacific Northwest.  Tomorrow, I'll see if I can talk anyone into a thrift store excursion :-)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Team HBCL!

I should let Katie announce this, as she is the driving force.  But she's a terrible blogger, so...

Somehow she talked us into signing up to do a 5K.  The Portland Color Run to be exact.  Meg is joining Pia, Katie and me (and hopefully THE B will too, plus anyone else who wants to join in)

Our team name is my brilliant idea:

Team Harper Beckham's Chubby Legs

As Katie explained on the entry form, "Because this is the only thing the Sundstrom Women have in common with a member of the Beckham Family"  Check 'em out.  Harper Seven could def. be one of us.

Sooo.. This will involve running.  Which I haven't done in at least 10 years.  So I'll be starting from Ground Zero: "Run for 30 seconds. Then die.  Repeat"  I will commence the torture this week.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Only A Week Until Summer

And yet I feel I should be dressed in something like this today.  It's 55 degrees and raining, for the love of god.

Where's the warm weather?  All I ask is a few days of sunshine so I can mow the lawn.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I've gotten re-inspired to actually DO the Weight Watchers program since winning my ticket to England.  I swear that Cara and I were the only fat people in London when we were there, and I'm determined not to let that happen again.  Plus I want to be in good shape so I can spend hours a day walking.

Tonight, I finally hit my 20 pound weight loss milestone!  Yay!  I'm starting to feel like my clothes are a bit looser, and I look a mite slimmer.  Long way to go still, but I'm really happy that I've gotten this far.

BTW, that picture?  My favorite plot development on "Mad Men" this year is Fat Betty Draper Francis.  She's started going to WW too, which is a lot of fun.  My first time with WW was 25 years ago, and it had already changed quite a bit from the program of the 60s.  Betty glumly eating a piece of Melba Toast and a blob of something for breakfast was priceless.  Then rushing into the kitchen and squirting Readi-Whip straight from the can into her mouth. 

We've all been there, Bets.

Monday, June 4, 2012


Poor Margaret.

She is the doll I bought at the thrift store for 5 bucks to model my "Weldon's" doll projects.  She's a real scrap noodle.  No one would mistake Margaret for a classy doll like an American Girl.  She's strictly down-market.

Katie and I thought she needed a name (or a better name than "the scrapnoodle doll I bought at Value Village") and Katie came up with Margaret.  We agree this is the perfect name for my little ragamuffin.

Poor Margaret had to get her legs broken in order to model for me.  I didn't realize she was a "sitting" doll, which doesn't work for me.  So now Margaret has a bit of a handicap as well as being ratty.

But I love my raggedy grandchild Margaret.  She suits my style perfectly. 


Must be close to summer, art fair season is upon us!  Last weekend was our local fair, and the three of us (Lulu didn't get to come this year, which was too bad bc the place was crawling with dogs) paid a visit in between rain showers.

This year's fair was really quite good.  I generally expect to see the same types of wares every year: pottery that all looks pretty much the same, photography that looks pretty much the same...but we were pleasantly surprised at the excellence of the artists and the variety of things we haven't seen before.  Pia got a very cool piece of "kaleidoscope" art from LaGrave Designs: the artist formed pictures by cutting and layering many photos of the object (Pia got the Eiffel Tower):
Very cool!

I stuck to my $40.00 budget (though it was hard) and bought a pack of cards with my favorite chickens:
I like to send Mimi a card every week (she loves to get mail) and I think she will enjoy these.

I also got a little housewarming gift for our soon to be Austin-dwellers.  Austin is known for the colony of bats that roost (?) under the Congress Bridge:

This little guy will look cute hanging by their front door :-)  And bats are a Chinese symbol for good luck, so it couldn't hurt to have one right?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's the Diamond Jubilee

and in honor of Her Majesty's 60th year on the throne, I give you this adorbs picture of the Princess Elizabeth attempting to knit while annoying little sister Margaret bugs her.