Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Susna!

Is there anything better than a big sister? Thanks to Susan Mary, I always had the best clothes in Jr. high (tho she generally didn't know I had them since I snuck them from her closet), knew all the good music to listen to, and had someone I could follow around and torture.
Happy birthday to the world's best big sis! Always there with yarn, books, help and love!

Visit with the Narodes!

Yeah! Got to visit with the girls and their mama yesterday. Tatum is very grown up at 5, and enjoyed the Polly Pocket dolls I gave her (late BD present) Sorry for the tiny pix of Loggie and Pam, I'm working off my cell phone. Today we are having breakfast with the 'gang' then off to Whidbey!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Some Knitting Stuff

Since this is supposed to be a knitting-related blog, I thought I would add some knitting content (you relatives --- MDP -- who don't care can just skip this one!)

I've been in a sock knitting mood lately, and have several pairs in various stages of 'done-ness'. The pair I'm working on right this minute is pictured, and I like the way it's knitting up! I'm using the sock pattern from Ann Budd's "The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns" and Berroco's new "Sox" yarn in the Liverpool colorway (Yeah Yeah Yeah, Beatles 4Ever!)

I've decided I really prefer to knit plain old socks, letting the yarn do the work. I've tried several of the popular sock patterns and really don't like them all that well (Jaywalkers were so tight I could hardly get them over my foot. What's the point of socks that don't stretch?)

I'm nearly done with #1, and I've gotten pretty good at Kitchener stitch (finally!) though I still have to refer to the 'how-to's' every single time. I found a brand new copy of "The Knitter's Handbook" at the thrift store for $1.99 (Score!) and I really like this book as a handy guide to keep in my knitting bag.
I'm off to pack the really important stuff (the knitting projects I am taking on my trip), and maybe throw a toothbrush and change of undies in there too.

This Had Better Stop!

Here's this morning's picture of I-90 heading over Snoqualmie Pass. Now, you'd think after 20+ years living in Spokane, I'd be a competent snow driver. And not scared. But I really really hate driving in the snow, and given a choice, I'd happily stay home from Nov-June (or whenever the damn snow decides to stop for the year).

But I will be brave and drive slow! If you are heading over the pass today, please don't honk at the annoying old lady in the rental SUV who is creeping along...

Off to The Other Side of Washington

I'm renting a trustworthy SUV and heading over the pass today to visit y'all in Seattle! I'll be in town until Sunday, when I head up to Whidbey Island for a few days of searching for shells, walking through the Useless Bay mud flats to the beach and taking the boys to explore Fort Casey!

Hope to see lots of family while I am home!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sisters, Sisters...

LOL, this is SO me! If I didn't have sisters and daughters to give me clothes, I'd be nakedini, I tell ya. Call What Not To Wear pronto!

Adorable Beach Picture #1

In a series I'm sure. Here's Michael in his Monster Boots checking out the mud flats...

Who's The Fairest of Them All?

This picture was in the Saint George's School magazine, in an article about the Athletic Hall of Fame. Of course, our Katie is the prettiest girl in the picture! You look gorgeous Kate!

Vacation Time!

Woot Woot, we are on vacation! Lorraine and the boys took off a bit early to spend a week on Whidbey, at this ADORABLE cabin on Useless Bay:

According to the owners, the cabin was built by their Norwegian uncle in the 30s. I just got a message from Lorraine that they arrived and they are sooo excited! They are off to the beach to look for orcas and whatnot:

Lovely view from the cabin! I am heading over to Seattle on Friday and will be joining them on 'Whit-by' on Sunday. I am really looking forward to a few days on the water, reliving childhood memories. Boy, do I wish we still had the old cabin 6 & cabin 7!!!!

Some cute Easter Pix

We had a grand time celebrating Easter with the boys and assorted friends and fam. Yummy brunch and lots of cool Easter basket stuff!

Riveria practicing his "teenager annoyed at the world" expression

Alex is nibbling away at the carrot baseball bat I got for him, yum!

Liam stopped for a quick pic, not impressed with my skills evidently, judging by his look!

And we're done. Michael snuggled up with Pia and they had a nice little nap.

Our Easter Visitor

Some people get the Easter Bunny, but the Parlanges got the Easter Pooper Scooper! It's a little hard to see his hilarious decor on the thumbnail picture, try clicking to see the full size pic! Unfortch, he didn't arrive in time to allow for a backyard egg hunt...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone has a lovely Easter!
Our Easter Girl pictured is a rather crabby looking Mimi! I think she was not impressed with the feather bonnet she was forced to wear for the picture (and doesn't she look like Maddie?!)
We are heading over to brunch and egg hunting with the boys; weather looks like we'll be searching indoors this year.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Not Again!

Yikes! Our beloved Zags 'couged it' with another first round loss in the NCAA tournament! There goes my bracket...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

First Day of Spring!

We celebrated the first day of spring by 1. waking up to snow (yuk and double yuk) and by every child's favorite activity, dyeing Easter Eggs!

The Twins are seasoned professionals, and handled those annoying little wire egg dyeing thingies no problem. We found some great dye that doesn't require vinegar, so only had to contend with the odor of hard boiled eggs. But since they are boys, the whole fart thing was great for laughs.

Alex contemplates what color to make his next egg. We had to eat quite a few of them, as Gramma Laurie is not the world's best egg boiler and cracked a few...

Michael took to egg dyeing like a champ! What could be more fun for a 2 year old than getting permission to get your hands all covered with dye!!!?

Riveria led the gang as oldest brother and egg-dyer in chief. We had a grand time and may have a few eggs left for Sunday!

Back Where She Belongs!

Katie is home in Spokane for the weekend, yeah! We plan to watch the Zags game tomorrow (on tv sadly) and look for Cara & Tony in the crowd. And I think she may be planning on doing some more of this:. since she is going on 3 hours sleep!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

School Picture Day!

Yep, it was class picture day today! I managed to get the boys into clean clothes for their photos. Here's our Little Harry Potter lookalike Alex, all fancy in his tie and white shirt (plus black 'church pants')!
Liam also wore a white shirt and tie, but had managed to ditch them by the time school was out. RJ was a moving target so no picture of him

Little Angel Part II

Mikey crashed out in the stroller at the park today. Sooo precious! He woke up eventually and got to play in the park. When I took his clothes off tonight, a flood of gravel fell out. Guess it was a good day!

New Throne!

I finally broke down and bought a NEW car seat for Mikey. The old one was a mess, and now that I have a new seat for the little guy, maybe I won't break every fingernail and use every swear word I know getting him into it every day!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Please Bring it Back!

Watched Dancing With the Stars tonight (yes, this is how low I have sunk, life-wise) and Marlee Matlin reminded me of one of my all time fave shows, "Picket Fences"!. There must be reruns somewhere.
BTW Rotch says this season of "The Bachelor" should be 'good'. How did I spawn such a child?

Don't Hate

But our world travelers, Fred & Irene, are heading down to Raleigh NC to attend the first round of the NCAA basketball tournament! Sure it's only a 3 hour drive from the 'Burg, and they can pick up cartons of smokes at rock bottom prices no doubt. Sure, they get to watch the Cougs and prolly eat pork rinds, drink ice tea (really sweet), and have some bbq. Sure they can hang with Clay and the Clay-Mates (Mr. Aiken is a Raleigh native), leave a wreath at the TV Land Statue of Andy and Opie Taylor,

and yes, visit the Legends of Harley Drag Racing Museum. And we can't. But don't hate, I'm sure we will all be filling our weekend with similarly fun activities...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The REAL March Madness!

OK it's NCAA tournament time! Woot Woot! The Zags come in at a respectable #7 seed, and being the soft-hearted fan that I am, I have chosen them to go all the way, beating Memphis in the championship game (hey, I didn't say I was being realistic, just soft-hearted. And I picked the Cougs to Coug it in Round 2...)

I Still Heart Viggo!

I finally got to watch "Eastern Promises" last night, and...well, it was an interesting movie. Not for the squeamish. However, it was very well acted and the plot definitely kept your interest throughout the movie. And V's naked fight in a steam bath was def. a highlight ;-) The man is still in fighting shape!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lil Angel

Aren't little kids so sweet looking when they are asleep? Michael is always fairly angelic but he looks even more so here! All he needs is a halo...

CSI Spokane

OK, I'm officially THE WORLD'S BEST BABYSITTER. Because who else except Gramma Laurie would agree to lay down in the driveway so the boys could make a chalk body outline???

Friday, March 14, 2008

How Old Is Our Hads?

Oh Mama, you're So Silly! I'm not Two!

Mom, I said I'm not 2 yet, and quit trying to steal my birthday thunder---hand over the birthday sunglasses. Or Else...

Hmmm, I don't think these are the party specs. But I'm still darn cute!

Happy first birthday, Hadley! You are such a great addition to the clan, we love you to pieces!

Almost Famous!

Yep, it is dear sister/auntie/grammy Susna caught in action at last summer's Mariner's Stitch n Pitch! The photographer kindly didn't take a picture of all the new yarn and whatnot she was toting after her purchases at the SNP booths...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mark Your Calendar!

March 20th is "Sweater Day" in honor of Mr. Rogers, everyone's favorite cardigan wearer! Wear a comfy sweater, hopefully one knitted for you by your mom. Mr. Rogers' mother knit every one of the cardigans he wore on the show, isn't that great? And if you want the original pattern she used to knit that great sweater, Vintage Knits has it of course!
BTW, Mr. Rogers' middle name was McFeely, but I'm trying not to let that creep me out.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Who Is This Masked Man?

Why it's the Real (Young) Bob Davis! Always ready to par-tay, Bob entertains the kiddies with his 'porn stashe' look way back in the 70s.
Happy birthday to our favorite 'funny uncle'!

March Madness

not really, but I feel like I should blog anyways.

Monkey news update: The crazy Spokane foreign exchange student biting monkey is dunzo. 'The Man' did him in to check for rabies (I think The Man would be some sort of animal control person), but luckily he was clean---of course not lucky for the monkey cuz evidently he had to be killed to determine that fact.
Quite a few upset monkey lovers here in the 'Kane, I heard tell of picketing. Personally, I don't think the South Hill NEEDS any sort of monkey biznaz, I'm scared enough of the dogs.
Work & whatnot: I am on the mend (kind of)! I did my nanny duties Monday and Tuesday, now am taking Wed off to recoup. Which I must have needed bc I am still sleeping about 16 hours a day. Some of you Fluther readers may question whether this is any different from my normal wake/sleep habits, but I assure you it IS. The boys were very happy to see me, we painted rocks to celebrate my return to the Parlange household. Just a few weeks now till Spring break! woot woot!
Knitting stuff: no really exciting projects in the works. I have a couple of pairs of socks on the sticks, just for something easy to pick up and work on. Plus some unfinished projects (Pirate mitten #2, New York Times Shawl and possibly some other stuff I've forgotten). Hopefully, I'll get energetic enough to finish some of these and then can start on new projects!
Travel plans: not really any for moi, other than I think I am going over to Seattle during Spring Break to help with the boys. Mom rents a house there and I believe at least a few days involve a rental on Useless Bay @ Whidbey Island! Should be lots of fun, and we are planning our list of things we NEED for the beach. Buckets and shovels dominate the wish list so far.
Katie is coming up for a visit, yeah!!! She will be in town March 21-24, can't wait to see our LA Woman. I really would love to go down and spend a few days in Cali, must figure out when....

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Am I EVER going to get rid of this flu bug? Steve is doing a bit better, since he has pneumonia he got antibiotics. I have boring old flu, no killer drugs for me. I'm still exhausted everytime I try to do anything more strenuous than work the remote.
Monday I'm going back to work so I sure hope I'm feeling better! This flu is not fun people, in fact it's a real PITA. Between coughing so hard I pee myself to having to watch Lifetime and Oxygen channels bc I have watched everything else, I'm about ready to put in for a lung transplant. Where is my nurse Katie when I need her? Yeah, tooling around LA eating sushi and Pinkberry.

MORE Monkey News!

Who knew that Spokane was the world center of Monkey News items!? As a follow-up to last week's shocking monkey attack on French exchange student, today's paper HEADLINED a new monkey shocker! "Three Charged with Smuggling Rhesus Monkey" read the horrifying head, with a big article about how the feds searched several homes in the area for a smuggled monkey. Suspicion is on a mom-daughter gang, with SOMEONE having smuggled the monkey into the US under her blouse...the daughter is hoping 'someone in the monkey community' will help them in their time of need. Who even knew there was a monkey community!? AND the girl's name is Gypsy, so I say throw the book at her and put her in fed. prison where she belongs.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Girls Girls Girls!

My great nieces are undoubtedly the world's most adorable babies! Here are some pictures I stole from the mama's website:

Loggie the House Elf twinkles with delight at the thought of racing Hadley the Tortoise to the pile of toys... Hads is too busy trying to figure out how Loggity grew that head of hair to get ready to scoot.

Tatum, Queen of the Five Year Olds! Making every birthday wish come true, and keeping unruly party guests in line with a wave of her magic wand.

Don't you just want to pinch those cute round leggies? Tate is relaxing at the barre, getting ready to do some high kicks, I'm sure.

Flu Week II

It's week 2 with the flu, and we are ready to get well. Too bad our bodies aren't cooperating...maybe someone can track down some "Webster's Iron-Brew" for us, might be just the ticket!
Steve is sitting at the urgent care center waiting his turn to be seen (along with 897 other flu victims), while I am working at home. Our regular doc is on vacation, the Basic Health clinic doesn't have any appts available till mid-April, our insurance may or may not cover the urgent care visit. Lord help us, being sick is NOT for the weak!

Saturday, March 1, 2008


in this morning's paper was a little article about a French exchange student who was walking home from Lewis & Clark HS up the South Hill, when a spider monkey jumped out of some bushes and bit her! Her comment: "We don't have things like this in France". Um, we don't have things like this in Spokane either (usually). Yikes, guess it doesn't pay to walk!