Monday, December 31, 2007

The BEST Way to Celebrate New Year's Eve

Fageddabout partying or drinking yourself stupid. WE WENT YARN SHOPPING. And at a good sale! Holy Threads here in Spokane is closing (boo hoo, why can't it be the yarn troll up on Indiana) and they are having a 30% off everything sale.

I scored bigtime with patterns. I must have bought 200 or so, most of which I'll be selling on Vintage Knits. And of course I bought yarn, how could I resist? Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in a pretty lilac, for an Aran hoodie I think. Some Artyarn merino sock yarn. 4 skeins of red Cascade 220 superwash for a child's sweater. And some alpaca in green, and in lilac which will be enough for a hat and maybe gloves. Also bought "Mason Dixon Knitting" which Katie and I both liked a lot.

Pia got a lot of Fancy Nancy glitzy yarn to make fun scarves and 2 beautiful skeins of Louisa Harding ribbon for something or other...

Katie spotted a neat stole in boucle yarn, and got the pattern. They didn't really have a color that she liked, so she'll be visiting Knitpicks to see what they've got.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fancy Nancy

I tell you, Tatum is going to rock our world when she appears on Project Runway! She can accessorize like nobody's bizznazz.
I think her Grammy knit the adorable hat and mittens she has on. The coat is TO DIE FOR, as are those shoes. Do they come in big girls' sizes? Cuz they should

Friday, December 28, 2007

On the Needles

And likely to remain on the needles for quite a while...

This is my first 'sample' sweater (I'm making three or four of them for a Seattle designer). It's knit using two strands of a beautiful cashmere/silk yarn from China, on size 2 needles, in the mesh pattern at the top of the swatch.

Since the gauge is 7 sts-1" I am going to be knitting away on this garment for a while I think. I *can't wait* to start on the black version (not).

Alex's Song

The twins are over for a day (and night) before they join Mama, grandparents and brothers in Seattle for a little vacation. They LOVE having me type their 'deep thoughts' and making books. Here's Alex's song he created:






Not exactly sure what it means, but I'm sure he sang it in his super high, sweet little voice!

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary #9 to my dear hubby Steve! Here we are (a lot less grey and a lot skinnier) on our wedding day at Katie's Wild Rose Inn in Coeur d'alene, ID (quickie wedding capital of the Inland NW).
Time sure flies, can't believe it's been nearly a decade!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Winter Wonderland

Just a few more pix from the cabin, a veritable winter wonderland of snow! B&B had better start saving up for their snowmobiles, so they can get up the driveway in the winter...

Get that (80th percentile) head covered up before you head outdoors, Dad!

Maddie is getting ready to let her Baba know that she pretty much hates the snowsuit

And the snowshoe gang heads out for a brisk walk

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Christmas!

The big day at last! We're waiting for the girls to wake up then we'll head over for the craziness with our little boys.

Cara & Tony went home yesterday and we miss them like 60! We opened our gifts yesterday and boy did I get some good stuff:

  • Panini Press (we used it for dinner last night, yum)
  • Kara Irish Pottery pieces (pie dish, mixing bowl and au gratin pan in Aran knitting designs--beautiful!)
  • Membership to 24 Hour Fitness
  • Trip to Italy IOU for next year!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Even More Cabin Fun!

Little Baby Tuck-a-Tumb grown up and baby versions. Hads looks so cute with her thumb in her mouth!

"Lazy" Hadley gets forced to crawl (which didn't really work, she pretty much just refuses to go after anything out of arm's reach)

Relaxing on the Costco gigantic couch/chaise longue combo (great for a crowd) and watching the giant TV. 'Cabin 6' is pretty grand!

The morning after, evidently.

More Cabin Fun

Hadley works the crowd in the upstairs bathroom.

Pia is practicing her mom skills, just in case the Chinese start letting Americans adopt baby girls again...

Zaide, could you please bring some toys up to the cabin? The rubber coaster is good for teething, but its entertainment value is kind of low. Thanks, Maddie

Tony, Katie and Lis enjoying a little snack.

Cabin Fun!

Kip with the princesses.

Hads, Katie and Megs dish about Jamie Lynn Spears getting knocked up -- Hads was sorely disappointed in JL's behavior.

Cara and the Conjoined at the Hip Twins...

various pix from the CABIN. Oh what a nice place it is to spend a winter weekend! Since Tony was Mr. super dishwasher, we might get invited back someday ;-) We had a great time visiting with B & Bob (Zaide and Baba), Megs, Ry and Hads, plus Kip, Lis and Mads came up Sunday morning. Real troupers to brave the snow and bad driving conditions!

The little girls are incredibly darling, and their parents are the best. And Zaide & Baba couldn't be any crazier about their grandbabies I'm pretty sure. We did get to see Hadley cry (yep she does cry on occasion), and flash her mega-smile even more often than the tears. BTW, this girl is on her way to professional modeling. When the camera comes out, she rallies to pose no matter how she is feeling.

And Madeline DOES exist! I was starting to think maybe Lis was just photoshopping pictures of her, since we hadn't yet met her in person. But I can verify that she's for reals, and as cute as can be. She wore her festive holiday skirt and blouse, and looked very precious. We tried for a photo of her laying in the snow in her 'Randy' snowsuit, but she was a little bit pissed that she had to wear it, so I don't think we got one.

The Cuzzins

What a fun time visiting with our Davis cousins! We had a ball up at the cabin, which is totally gorgeous btw. It was a real winter wonderland, with snow gently falling outside, and inside the sweet sounds of laughter, babies, dominoes clacking, and dish tv (bc we wouldn't want to be totally cut off from civilization)

Fred and Irene are In The House

I should say WERE in the house, cuz they left for Virginny this morning (boo hoo sob sob).

We had so much fun with them! It was just a pleasure to have all four of the Longinottis home for the holidays, I can't even begin to tell ya. A mom could not ask for anything more.

Shepherds Watching Over their Flocks

The boys participated in the cathedral's annual Christmas pageant, and made very good shepherds plus one little lamb.

Knitting Lessons

Alex got his first knitting lesson the other day, and made himself an eye patch for pirating adventures. We'll keep working on his skills, and maybe I'll also be able to figure out how to use the little knitting spool I got for the boys (it's going to take a while to work that one out, way confusing!)

Hey Ya Good Lookin...

The Scandinavian Cardigans were 'gifted' to the 4 boys, and they look great in them! The colors are perfect for their complexions and eye colors. And no one seemed to mind the faint pink spots here and there from the red dye bleeding.
Arrrrr Matey! Michael models his sweater plus the eye patch that Alex made for his very first knitting project.

The three big brothers stood still long enough for a photo.

Precious angels! LOL don't buy it for a minute!

Friday, December 21, 2007

This Didn't Fit Under the Tree

Santa came a little early for Katie. Sorry, Kate, I had to break the news about your new ride. You're too slow with your blogging.
She bought herself a Chevy Trailblazer (2008) in a beautiful color called Cherry (it's that sort of purply-brown color not red tho)
We'll be traveling in style on our way to her next assignment in Cali!

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Xmas

Lordy, I am out of practice in the marathon shopping department! Pia & Katie took me on a whirlwind trip to the local malls yesterday and we shopped our little hearts out. Our (fake) tree is up, though we still haven't managed to dig out the decorations. Packages are piled underneath, and I think I will be doing a LOT of wrapping today.
I am off in search of a 'Ben Ten' watch for Alex today, which means Toys R Us, yikes. Hope everyone else in Spokane has finished their shopping so I don't have to circle the parking lot for hours...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Fond Farewell

And so I bid a fond farewell to my friends at the Moran Prairie Library and retire from my career as a page after one short month...

I really enjoyed working with (well shelving) books and helping out at the lib, but Lorraine asked me to take over the daily care of my little guys, and I am glad to do so.

I'll be starting with Team Parlange after the first of the year, and of course I'll continue as a library customer! And this way I can accompany Katie on her LA drive (and make sure she is in a not too scary neighborhood. Though what I would do if she isn't I haven't figured out yet).

Together Again!

Katie arrived yesterday afternoon, just in time to head over to the casino with her gamblin' siblings. It's so much fun to have all 4 Longinottis home at the same time! A mom's heart could not be any happier (even when they immediately start fighting)

O Christmas Tree

Here's our Christmas tree...still in the box unfortch. Maybe today will be the day we decorate...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mr. Clean

Tony made me take a picture of one small area of our house, to show the world what slobs we are. In my defense, everything in this picture is Rotch's (jk Peeps!).

Saturday, December 15, 2007

They're Here! They're Here!

Woot Woot!!! The Virginians have arrived safe and

sound! We are soooo excited our little Fred & Irene are home for a visit (where they belong). They are already complaining about what a pit our house is and making a list of cleaning supplies. Whatever, as long as they are home, I'll even clean for them.

First Sleepover

We got to take Riveria AND Michael for a sleepover at Grandma Laurie's last night -- Mikey's first time! He was a real champ, didn't appear to miss his mama one little bit...

Friday, December 14, 2007

Sweaters 2, 3 and 4!

I finished the Scandinavian cardigans for the boys (still have to put buttons on but all the knitting and blocking is done!)
I am a little heartsick tho. I left them soaking in cool water and a little detergent and when I took them out, the red yarn had run!!!! yikes! Now each sweater has a couple of light red spots. Kind of looks like the boys already wore them and ate candy canes, then wiped their faces on the sweaters.
Not sure if I will try again to get the red out or just give them as is and hand out the canes along with the sweaters. :-(

Winter Wonderland

I have to admit, it's perfect Christmas weather here in Spokane. Here's a shot of the backyard. If you look closely, you can see our deflated swimming pool still laying in the yard...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Goodbye My Lovah Revisited

lolz! Rotch and I are watching The Office and Tate's Big Song "Goodbye My Lovah" is Michael's song he is replaying over and over after he got dumped by Carol. Too Funny!

I'd Vote for Tatum

thank jebus Squinty Squinterson is off Project Runway! Everything he designed was fug.
Since little Tater is not currently competing, I am totes on either Team Rami or Team Kevin. And I like that crazy girl Elisa, she is cwazy.
And I keep hoping Christian will meet a grizly end involving pinking shears and his lady bits, but so far he has escaped...

Ho Ho Ho...Not

Doesn't everyone have a screaming baby Christmas picture? Why do we love to torture the children?
The girls look very pretty though in their fancy Narode outfits. Tate is completely FANCY NANCY! Did her Mama knit that hat of fabulousity? Because it is too too cute, not to mention her ruby slippers. I'm guessing she put her outfit together.
I'll say it again, this girl would whup ass big time on all the Project Runway designers!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New Favorite Movie

Since I have the day off, I indulged in a little TV while finishing up my sweater project.

New fave movie! "For Your Consideration" from the same wacky folks who made "Best in Show" (my other fave) and "Waiting for Guffman" (my all time fave)! So funny! Catherine O'Hara with her facelift is a riot!

My New Favorite List!

While composing the previous post, I stumbled across a list of phobias. I LOVE THEM. Here's my list of things I think I have (or would like to have):

  • Anthropophobia - Fear of people or society

  • Batrachophobia - Fear of amphibians

  • Cacophobia - Fear of ugliness

  • Chionophobia - Fear of snow

  • Coulrophobia - Fear of clowns

  • Cynophobia - Fear of dogs

  • Genuphobia - Fear of knees (aka "Sundstrom Leg Syndrome")

  • Herpetophobia - Fear of reptiles

  • Mageirocophobia - Fear of cooking

  • Ophidiophobia - Fear of snakes

  • Ornithophobia - Fear of birds

  • Podophobia - Fear of feet (esp. when you have that longer 2nd toe!)

  • Xenophobia - Fear of strangers

I am sure I prolly suffer from more (I could have Pteridophobia - Fear of ferns, but I immediately kill all my house plants so can't say for sure). And let's face it, I should just list Zoophobia - Fear of animals and be done with it.

Back in the 21st Century!

Thank Jebus, we finally got our cell phones turned on again! That's the joy of having a steady paycheck!
Of course I have a new phone #, cuz it just wouldn't be right for Lavs' phone number to remain the same (always use pencil when writing my info in your address book, people)
My new # is 270-3081 and you all know the area code. Of course, due to my telephobia (fear of phones) I may not answer. But you already knew that.