Friday, July 6, 2007

Camping Fun and A Kauni Update

man it is hot here in Spokane! Over 100 degrees, this Seattle native is not built for that kind of weather!

Our 4th of July camping trip was so much fun! We set up the ginormous tent aka "The Taj Mahal" and proceeded to eat, swim, fish and do all that other good camping stuff. Grandma Laurie discovered that her back is not up to multiple nights on an air mattress (at least not the cheapo one I bought, next time I go for the GOOD one), so we came home for a night to sleep in a real bed. We are going back tonight for one more day.

The boys LOVED the Spongbob fishing poles good ole Grandpa Steve brought up, and they spent all day fishing on Lake Pend' Oreille (a gorgeous lake btw). Riveria caught 2 fish, Alex also caught 2 (his were the keepers, but he has decided he's going to be a catch and release man from now on after sampling fried trout -- they were pretty mushy), and poor Liam got skunked after patiently fishing for HOURS. We all got way too much sun of course but it was a good time.

Baby Michael (not really a baby anymore almost 2!) tagged along after his big brothers and fearlessly waded in the lake. He's a good camper, always ready for adventure. Mama Lorraine, plus Miss Priscilla, Michelle, Steve and myself managed to ride herd on the hooligans, enjoy delish camping cuisine and I even got a tad of knitting done:

The re-started Kauni cardigan is looking much better in the contrasting colors. I am pleased with it and think I can now knit away with confidence! Next stop is the arm steeks.

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