Monday, July 30, 2007

Stitch n Pitch Report

Stitch N Pitch at Safeco Field was a lot of fun! Steve and I drove over and met sister Susan at the Safe, where we climbed up to our nosebleed seats (see picture) and mostly yakked and knitted. The M's lost (7 in a row boo!), but we had a great time. Susan is working on Pirate socks, and she found many goodies to purchase at the vendors' booths. I contented myself with one skein of sock yarn in the Mariners colors (blue and green). I worked on the Gryffindor hat from "Charmed Knits", a good choice for a baseball game as it was pretty mindless knitting.

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Unknown said...

Cute socks aunt Sue! Mom, don't show the boys, or you'll have another new project to go with your dinosaur leaves and tree. BTW, you better be done with those leaves when I get back or poor bronty will be DEAD!