Saturday, June 30, 2007

New Project

yep I blew off everything on the UFO list and started my Kauni cardigan last night. Hey, life's short, I'm doing the project that's calling my name first.

I knit 2 cm of ribbing last night during the Mariners' game, 1 more centimeter to go and I get to start on the fun part. So far my cardi colors are yellow and green *not my all time favorite color combo*, but I think a pretty blue is coming up next. This yarn is rainbow colored with long stretches of each color, and by using 2 balls of the yarn, I will get a different color combo with each pattern repeat.

Still coughing and snuffling around, had to send Skyn (that's my hubby's nickname) up to the drugstore to sign his life away for some good cough suppressant. Since Spokane is evidently the meth lab capital of the world, we may be getting a visit from the po-po to see what we're cooking up here lol.

And boy am I glad I bailed on the this week's camping trip! My friend Lorraine called me this morning to say they had a HUGE storm last night with trees crashing all around their campsite. Yeesh, that's why hotels were invented I say.


Sue said...

If I do the sweater will you do the stekes??? (sorry about the spelling)

Sue said...

send me link for where to buy - damn you! xoxo

Unknown said...

this I have to do. where is the pattern. tell all. fabulous. just happened on your blog while looking at what you had to offer.