Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Another Precious Pup!

My great-niece Maddie (with her handsome papa, Kip) models the angora bunny booties I knit for her. Such a nice girl to put these on for the camera when the temp is sky high!

She is as cute as a button! Thanks for modelling Mads (and for sending the picture Mama Lis!)


Unknown said...

Wow Mads is a looker in those slippers. I feel like a jerk that I've been neglecting my little cousin...need to get on that!

Meg said...

She is a precious pup! Does anybody watch King of Queens??? We think Maddie is the long lost child of Arthur Spooner (Carrie's Dad...who is really Ben Stiller's Dad). They're going to kill me:).

Unknown said...

I'm going to have to see her in person before I can voice an opinion on that one. You're probably safe though since I don't think Kip or Lis check out Fluther...but keep your door locked just in case.