Thursday, December 4, 2008

Teddy Bear Tea

I get to play with Mikey on Thursdays! We attended the annual "Teddy Bear Tea" at the local library this morning.
We arrived a wee bit early, so Mikey, Grover and I stood patiently in line to get in. Chilly!
We decided we'd prefer to sit in a chair rather than on the floor. Lots of kids and moms were there, along with a few grammys and a rowdy group from a daycare ;-)

Michael is a pro at singing and doing the hand motions, and learned all the songs right away. Grover was a bit of a loser at it, though.

Mikey was a super good listener, very attentive and quiet. He knows how to pay attention!

Teddy Bear Hand Stamp. Score!

Enjoying his cup of Vanilla Wafers. We do love our 'nummys'! Plus he got to play on the library computer afterwards, which is his favorite thing to do. I think we will go every Thursday morning and have storytime, it was fun!


Unknown said...

So fun. And the pics aren't bad, so now you can't say you aren't taking them because you're a bad photographer... :-)

Lis said...

We love story time at the library. The hand stamp at the end is definitely fun for all the little kids.

Meg said...

I have fallen in love, the serious face with the big ole' hand stamp did it. You're such a good grammy. And props to Grover for being a good listener.

Laurie said...

He's a good little Tough Nut Scrumpy. And I don't think he ever let go of Grover the whole time we were there, he's a good baby daddy. Loggie has first dibs on Mikey due to the stature of the two of em. Hads is prolly already taller than he is!