Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Complaints Already!

gawd. I can't call an end to the Haiku contest evidently. Because complaints re the validity of Zaide's poem are rolling in (well Katie is bitching, mostly because she had planned to spend the day at work composing haiku).

So I will award another prize to an actual HAIKU. Remember as Megan points out, it must be in proper haiku form (5 syllables/7 syllables/5 syllables). And no arty stuff. I want/need humor here. Here's what is in the running thus far:


Snow burying car

Perfect excuse to stay home

Wrapped cozy in WUBs (World's Ugliest Blanket)


just botched my sweater

is there nothing to behold?

all is for naught


It's really cold out

I've shoveled thrice already

Enough effing snow

Being a nurse means

I use words like 'phalange'

And I clean up puke

Walter and Lola

Crazy ass fat little dogs

Need to come home too


Knitters are weird folk

Talking 'bout blocking and such

Calloused phalanges

Allison, whip yours into 'haiku form', so you can be in the running! Will accept entries till Dec. 25.


Katie said...

hooray! glad all my whining paid off. in honor of the contest continuing, here's another one:

Lavs tries to cheat us
By calling BZ winner
It was no Haiku

Here's my last one for today (probably):

Stuck at work and bored
I can be so creative
When patients are few

zaideafraidey said...

not sure if I can win in two categories, but if it will drive Katie crazy I'll try (wienie baby)
dainty ornament
destiny-fugly fur tree
looks like pussy.

zaideafraidey said...

oops. last line should read
"looks like a pussy"

Laurie said...

oh you girls. Zaide stop being greedo gus. LOL on that first one Kate!

Cara said...

i still think b should be the winner. i can just picture her reciting the dramatic joseph poem. i laughed out loud while reading that poem.

Unknown said...

I loved the Joseph poem too. We want video Megs. Katie and I are watching a Christmas concert on Channel 2 right now, and Tim McGraw sang a song that totally reminded us of the Joseph poem. Katie was laughing pretty hard just now.

Laurie said...

oh milk will def. come out your nose when you hear Zaide giving her dramatic reading of .... JOSEPH. See I am laughing right now, just thinking about it.

Allison said...

Now I remember why I didn't like poetry in school; the rules are too confining! Here goes another try:

Bad poet
Stuck inside and can't get out
Need cocktail

Meg said...

Allison...I like you.
B-Z and Laurie...I do not like you twos. You are cheaters, and if Joseph really wins then I want to enter one of my best lines EVER in a poem...If fact I think it's so good that I may have plagerized it, but my mom guarantees that can't be possible (hinting that it's bad). Here goes... (to Jeff Gordon in 5th grade) 'I would die without you, so don't commit my murder'. Now that's some deep shit.
OH WAIT...Lavs, did you realize B makes mention of a clown in her poen. Surely disqualifies her.

zaideafraidey said...

clowns were big in those day, there were not many professions then. And again with the plagarizing....someone google it stat, NO WAY anyone else could have come up with such dramatic line (shit) lol

zaideafraidey said...

Okay I am willing to concede this might be plagarized....from one of Michelles millions of diary pages (I think she went through this kind of dramatic rime in her life...the Ken Morris period.

Laurie said...

wow. that's some deep shit to lay on a 5th grade boy. I'm guessing he immediately transferred from Maywood Hills. And I did notice the clown but she's my sister so I forgive. Meg you and Katie are whiners. And Allison, I hope you will invite us all over for cocktails you DO sound like a lot o fun!