Monday, December 22, 2008

The Fluther Haiku Contest

Okay all you haters of my 'Knitting Poem', I am throwing down the poetry gauntlet! I challenge you to write your own haiku! Winner will get a specially knit Christmas ornament from yours truly, so be creative!
Here are a couple of my own haiku (and be forewarned, I am a haiku master. I was the 5th grade accelerated reading haiku shogun!)

Snow falling gently
Burying my golden Kia
Where are my tire chains?

Tiny knitted pieces
Fall from my needles quickly
Now lost under chair

Christmas in three days
How did it come so quickly
Elves please wrap for me


Unknown said...

Your elves did wrap for you...sort of.

Haiku #1
Snow burying car
Perfect excuse to stay home
Wrapped cozy in WUBs
(World's Ugliest Blanket)

Haiku #2
Earth blanketed white
Beautiful, crystalline snow
A wintery gift

Laurie said...

#1 is in the running. #2 too artsy-fartsy.

Sue said...

just botched my sweater
is there nothing to behold?
all is for naught

Laurie said...

lol I feel yr pain

Katie said...

It's really cold out
I've shoveled thrice already
Enough effing snow

Allison said...

Blizzardly conditons
Children going stir crazy
Can't venture outside
Having a cocktail

Meg said...

Knitters are weird folk
Talking 'bout blocking and such
Calloused phalanges

Cara said...

i vote for megs...and pia's number two is too intense for me.

Laurie said...

great contributions one and all! Keep em coming bc you could win something faboo even a MUNCHY! there I laughed again.

Meg said...

Her nerdy english teacherness is coming out in #2.

Unknown said...

One funny, one serious. Wasn't sure which way the judge would lean...

Meg said...

Allison, have one for me too wouldya?!

zaideafraidey said...

please see B-Z's contributions on other post (not to be missed) good job on the phalanges Meg.
You people are serious!!

Katie said...

okay here's another one...

Cara and Tony
Need to come back to Spokane
Leave Virginia now!

or how about:
Being a nurse means
I use words like 'phalange'
And I clean up puke

I'm on a roll now:
Walter and Lola
Crazy ass fat little dogs
Need to come home too

I could do this all day...

Laurie said...

good ones K. but sorry you are not a winner. I do like the Lois and Walter fat ass haiku a lot tho.