Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Little Weight Loss Update

The pounds are not exactly flying off, but I've lost 7.5 lbs this summer (4.8 lbs since I started going back to meetings).  So that's at least heading in the right direction.  Katie and I have been attending Weight Watchers meetings faithfully, and I'm sure Pia will join us as soon as she wraps up her camp job.  And I'm getting out walking at least a couple of times a week.  So improvements are being made, a bit at a time.

I am going to see if I can REALLY do a good job this week in keeping track of everything (like a good WW is supposed to do).  Keeping my food and activity journals accurately every day, taking a vitamin daily, drinking liquids (esp water, although WW lets you count everything except pop and booze as a liquid now), and getting in 5 fruit and veg servings every day.  Will report results next Wednesday after my weekly meeting.

And I'm thinking if I actually follow the program like I'm supposed to, I'll see a pretty significant weight loss :-)  Imagine that!


Cara said...

7.5 lbs more than me! keep it up!!

Lis said...

Juice doesn't count against?! Weird. You have the touch right? Kip downloaded an app that keeps track of the food count. I bet WW has an app too!

And yay on 7.5 pounds. That's awesome

Laurie said...

no I only have a really ghetto Cricket phone now bc I am a poor. :-( But WW has the tracker on line so it's easy to keep a journal. No excuses. And juice DOES count as points, but fruit is zero now which is great. Zaids, remember how furious I was when WW said carrots were a point? LOL, but those kinds of things make you cray-cray when you are dieting.

Thanks for the encouragement gals! I need it. The pounds do NOT come off so fast when you are old and a sluggo.