Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Quick Seattle Trip

No pix or anything exciting to report, but I had a nice few days in Seattle.  Helped Susna by happily accepting all the knitting mags and patterns she decided she didn't need, went to TWO knitting evenings with her (this gal knows lots of knitters) and got to see the B both at the Ostrom's Sidewalk Sale (which was AWESOME.  I was expecting a Precious Moments crap-a-thon plus grab bags, but they had really good stuff) and at the knitting night at Serial Knitters.  Plus spent a night at Mom's house and can report that she is still putzing around :-)

Also stopped by the cabin on my way to pick up Pia in Ellensburg and got to see Meg, Ryan, Hads and Carson.  Those babies!  So cute!  And getting so big!  Carsie is going to be walking before we know it, and Hadley will be driving next week I'm pretty sure.

It's good to be back home in my own bed, but visiting the fam is always fun.

PS computer still broken.  Hoping for a miracle.


Lis said...

Apparently we need to move
North! Fun visit!

Laurie said...

You guys are a wee bit off my regular "route". I'll be back for a week of mimi-sitting, def. want to see you and the babies then!