Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Birthday Month

August is a crazy birthday month in my extended and immediate family!  During August, we celebrate these birthdays:
  1. Lavs
  2. Lucy-Lou
  3. Cara
  4. Jamie
  5. the twins (Liam and Alex)
  6. Ray
  7. Jon
And I may have forgotten one or two.  Of course, everyone who is born in August is a fabulous human being (or dog)!

I had a low-key birthday, which is fine by me.  Once you hit the 50s, do you REALLY want to celebrate each passing year?  I'm fine with a phone call from my kids (which I got from each of them, nice work children.  Even though I have phone phobia, I like talking to you).  Pia got me a great card that said "happy birthday cake-killer"; she tried to find pie-killer but no luck.  We enjoyed our drive home from Ellensburg, and she let me stop at my favorite thrift store in Moses Lake and pick up some vintage patterns (and she found an AWESOME velour and metallic dress for camp hi-jinks), then she treated me to pizza.  I got a gorgeous shawl from Susna:
which I'm over the moon in love with :-)  I seldom receive knitted gifts (cuz I can just knit my own stuff), so it's a special treat.  LOVE IT!!!!  I also got an adorable piece of yard art from The B, a chicken saying "BAWK", which is perfect.  Cuz y'all know how I love me some chickens.

On the down side, my computer is officially DOA.  Boo.  But P  is letting me use her Mac (and I'm relearning all the Mac commands I haven't used in ages), which is nice of her.  And Cara has a laptop she's going to let me have, thanks Car!  Of course, few of my files were backed up so that's a real PITA, but I think I have most of my knitting patterns saved on Rav and I'll just have to recreate the rest :-(


zaideafraidey said...

sounds like you know how you will spend the next few weeks

Lis said...

computers can be such a pain in the ass! i recently learned of a program called carbonite (it's an online storage system) that will save every new file you save...AUTOMATICALLY. Smart peeps.

Laurie said...

oooh I will def. check that one out. You'd think I'd learn, since this isn't my first go-round w dead computers. On the other hand, I have been trying to "downsize" my crap so maybe this is a good thing.