Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Cool Garage Sale Find!

Well, cool to me :-)  I got a plastic bag of "old stuff" at a garage sale this morning, for a quarter.

Inside, there was:

  • This catalog advertising B. Altman's (I think this was a fancy NYC dept. store) January 1918 White Sale.  I heart these dresses so much.  Pretty sure my last life was as an Edwardian Lady (or more likely, the poor shlub who had to iron that Edwardian Lady's lovely white linen dresses)
  • "Home Needlework Magazine" from April, 1914.  With an amazing wedding gown (sadly, you had to send away for the pattern), lots of wonderful crochet and embroidery patterns, and a lace bag that I might actually knit bc it's cool
  • a 1914 Royal Society pattern for a "Fancy Apron" transfer pattern, which is unused and in amazing condition.  You iron the transfer pattern onto fabric and embroider the design.  Too fancy for me, as I spill all food on myself, but pretty neat nonetheless
  • Another transfer set from the same era, "Progress Transfer Initials" with 354 letters to stamp with an iron.  Again in like-new condition.  Everyone's getting monogrammed linens from me for Xmas :-)
  • A "Ladies' Blouse" pattern envelope, again from the early 1900s, very cool but only has one of the pattern pieces so won't be sewing that.
  • Another transfer pattern for a "Wild-Rose Scalloped Border" to embroider on a "petticoat, chemise or drawers, and on a nightgown".  Love.
  • And a pattern for "A Ladies' Bungalow Apron" which I'm totally enamored with:
THIS is the garment I have been looking for, but didn't know it existed until now!  FULL BODY COVERAGE, people!  Those who have eaten with me will know that this should be my daily uniform.

I love finding these needlework treasures.  I always feel like I'm saving something precious that some woman carefully preserved for many years.  


Sue said...

love the apron - make two!

Laurie said...

will do. I'm SURE there are pix of Lorene and Bertie wearing this getup.

zaideafraidey said...

you are channeling some dead persons treasures....good karma for you.

Laurie said...

Exactly. Hoping someone does the same for me when I am gone. Cuz I have me some treasures that will only be appreciated in the far future :-)