Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy B-Day to My Little Lulu!

Oh my little grandpuppy!  Here you were on the car ride home the first day.  Your name was MIA (terrible dog name, btw.  Gary is better than that!) and I'm proud to say I immediately KNEW you were Lucy.  You were skinny and scared and a wee bit neurotic.  Except for the skinny part, we share some of those traits :-)  Now you're a sassy two year old:
Always smiling, always happy, always a good friend and companion.  Even though you are terrible on a leash, I will always walk you to the park.  I will always throw your tennis ball (even though I'm a bad tosser, due to bwoken awm).  I will always let you sleep on "your side" of the bed, even though your black dog hair looks awful on my white sheets.  And I will always be your grammy.


zaideafraidey said...

two girls with bdays this week. Glad you have someone to share that gma love with. Megs loved that you stopped by.

Laurie said...

It was fun to pop in on Meg and Ry, and they were gracious enough not to act intruded upon :-) I tried to shame her into blogging but apparently it didn't work