Saturday, August 20, 2011

Seattle Update

I've seen quite a lot of Mt. Rainier as I cruise the freeways here in Seattle, the weather has been lovely and you can see mountains in all 4 directions.

So far, my trip has been nice, though not super-exciting :-)  Mimi is fine and feisty as usual, we took a trip over to Mill Creek the other day to eat lunch with Susna, stopping at a couple of thrift stores on the way, and at Ostroms Drug & Gift in Kenmore to visit with The B and buy Cara a cute birthday present.  Seriously, readers, if you live anywhere near the north end of Lake Washington, Ostroms has the BEST gifts.  I'm not lyin' or just saying that bc The B is my little sister.  She is probably the world's greatest gift dept. buyer.

For some insane reason, I decided to stop at the Bothell Safeway on that trip to pick up a few items.  Now I know why this store is being torn down.  The sooner the better, because they have obvs. given up on restocking it.  Like sometime in 1973 they quit restocking.  They didn't even have a loaf of FRENCH BREAD for the love of mike.  Or anything else I wanted.  I'm pretty sure they would have had any product from the 1960s I might have wanted though...

Yesterday, I met up with Sue and we went to her weekly Knitter's Night Out at "Serial Knitters" in Rose Hill. Awesome store btw.  Her knitting buddies are great, and it was fun to get together with fellow needle-nuts for an evening.  And The B joined us so that was even more fun!

I'm trying to decide if today Mom and I should:
  1. go to the zoo.  My favorite place in town.  and they rent wheelchairs so I can puch mom around when she gets tired.
  2. take the ferry to Whidbey Island.  Beautiful day to be on Puget Sound.  And I love Langley. 
  3. Go to the "Shoreline Days" parade over on 15th Ave (just a few blocks away)  Who doesn't love a parade?
  4. Find a farmer's market and wander around
All good ideas.  Will run them by Mimi and see what appeals to her.  And we're off!


Katie said...

i vote Whidbey! :)

and i thought it said you could "punch" mom when she gets tired... but i'm assuming you meant "Push"


Laurie said...

Freudian slip! LOL yes "push". And we tried the zoo, couldn't find a single parking spot :-( Maybe on Monday...

Lis said...

What a fun sounding weekend! Hope you're not roasting too much tonight. It's hot.

Unknown said...

I'm glad you're having a good trip mom. Sounds like lots of fun for you and Mimi. Miss you.