Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene(s) Update

A bit of news on the "Irene" fronts:

1. Hurricane Irene has passed through Virginia, and Cara reports that Fredericksburg escaped unscathed.  To her and Tony's delight I'm sure, she says Williamsburg is under they are spared my planned trip to Colonial Williamsburg.  Next time, you two are doomed.

At the urging of Southwest, I moved my departure date to tomorrow (Monday) so I shouldn't have any delays in getting to DC.  I'm excited for my week in VA!

2. Our other "hurricane" Lois Irene :-) spent the weekend with Jon and Lorraine.  I went over for dinner last night (fresh crab from Lopez Island--what a treat!) and she was having a pretty good time.  J & L's neighbor Bert came for dinner with his mom, who also has dementia, so it was kind of cray-cray.  But Julie is as sweet as Lois is salty so it was an interesting contrast.

I went over this morning to take the twins birthday shopping and out to lunch, and Lois was definitely ready to go home, and crabby that I wasn't there to take her to Seattle.  I reminded her that when she is home, she wants to be anywhere else and she's always complaining no one takes her anywhere (not true btw).  That argument didn't cut any ice with her, but Lorraine is really good at putting up with her crankiness when Jon and I get fed up.  As Lorraine pointed out, HER parents drive her crazy and Jon manages them like a master, so it's all about that family dynamic.

Off to start packing my grip!  Will check in with my adventures in VA!

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