Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More Car Convo

In the car this morning:

Alex: Laurie, want to hear a song I learned at camp?
Lavs: Sure.

Al: "What Do You Do, When You have to take a Poo, In an English Country Gah-den? Pull Down your Pants, and Fertilize the Plants, in an English Country Gah-den! Chorus: Toilet Paper, Toilet Paper, TOILET PAPER".

Lavs: I don't think that is an official Camp Song?

Everyone: Sings song at top of lungs X infinity times.


Katie said...

Um, that is totes a camp song - we teach it too. Does he know verse 2?

What do you do when you have to take a wipe in an English country garden? You tear off a leaf to wipe your underneath in an English country garden. (Chorus to follow)...

ha, classic.

zaideafraidey said...

L in retrospect I think we were lucky we didn't get to go to camp. That book brings back great memories...when Megs was at WSU and having a bout of stuck bundles, I sent her a wrapped gift (at least she thought it was a gift) inside was "Everybody Poops"

Laurie said...

yeah Camp Don Bosco prolly would have been a drag :-)

Unknown said...

Ditto Katie, we just sang that last night at campfire. It's completely perfect for the camp setting! KT, way to throw in verse two.