Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to School!

District 81 is starting way early this year. Poor kids! Here are some 'first day' pix:

The goofy gang, a little excited about going back to school.

Twins, with the Dutch Boy hair. They are soooo blond!

Alex is carbo-loading with oatmeal topped with pie, the breakfast of champions!

RJ, who Jon says looks like a member of the Partridge Family with his long hair. Keith or Danny, which is it? (Jon says he is Reuben...)


Katie said...

love the ragamuffin gang! and Al's breaky is too funny.

Laurie said...

their hair is totes scrappy! But they love it even tho I keep threatening to put it in barrettes or a headband. It must be Jon's influence.