Saturday, August 22, 2009

Blackberry Picking, The Pleasures and Perils

Steve, Mom and I went blackberry picking in the little park by Mimi's house (at my insistence). Here's a photo album of our adventure:
Mimi picking away, sensibly wearing long sleeves and remaining on the perimeter of the patch.
Lavs, on the other hand, barged into the patch in shorts, flip flops and short sleeved shirt. And failed to notice the poison ivy in the blackberry patch. Result: two arms full of poison ivy welts.

However, a bowl of berries was picked and brought back to Spokane, where ---

I finally got to use my adorable tart molds from Williams-S0noma. The twins helped me, and they were delish! Our first effort didn't exactly look as fancy as the W-S package promised, but they went in the tummy just as easy even if they weren't super purty.


Cara said...

ooooh, the poison ivy looks awful, but the blackberries look yum!

Katie said...

poor thing... and like i said, i hope you washed those berries extra well! wouldn't want poison ivy in the throat! :O