Sunday, August 2, 2009

Casting On More New Projects

I must be bored or something :-) I am almost done with the Monster sweater, just blocking the sleeves and then sewing it together. Wanted to start a cute little cardi for new baby Allie, but can't find any size 4 needles (how can that BE? I own a bazillion needles) so that one's on the back burner. I could finish the Duck Soup Cardigan I started for her, but nah I don't want to. And my 'Sure to Be A Fair Prize Winner' Stole/Shawl is waiting for the arrival of a teeny weeny crochet hook so I can start beading/knitting. I also don't feel like starting sock #2 of my 'mystery sock', too much color knitting for such hot weather.
So, I'm casting on the Vilai socks from "Sock Innovation". I'm using a dark purple yarn, which may cause blindness by the time I'm finished as it's a little bit hard to see the stitches. But it's pretty!


Sue said...

wow! those are gorgie! you're killin' me!

zaideafraidey said...

what happened??? I have been gone a week, just catching up. I was looking at and going to comment on some naked knitting people and now they are gone...was I on someone elses site accidentally, if so you must find it!!!

Laurie said...

no that was me, you need to go to the 'older posts' section goofy.