Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fun Afternoon at Manito Park

We headed over to Manito Park yesterday afternoon for a couple of hours of hot fun :-)

Alex and Liam love hunting for turtles in the duck pond. Right after this picture was taken, we found out why they are called 'snapping turtles' when this rascal bit Al on the arm.

Here's Mikey lookin' all trailer trashy in really fug cotton shorts and his Transformer flip-flops. Also, his face and tummy are covered with Tweety Bird ice cream bar remains. He's still cute tho!

And RJ is now Mr. Hippie with his long hair. Plus green mouth from his popsicle.


Unknown said...

I love the snapping turtles! Also, I will point out that RJ has hippie hair, but at least he is no longer a hippie with a rat tail!

Cara said...

al's hair does not seem much shorter!

zaideafraidey said...

I remember Manito, didn't you live across the street from in at one time.