Thursday, August 13, 2009

An Afternoon of Dyeing

Here are some pictures of my sock yarn dyeing adventure:

Step One: Set out dyeing materials and get ready. Everything is pristine and white. Feel as if am in a laboratory.

Step Two: Don mask and gloves. Immediately start to hyperventilate. Must keep mask on or directions warn of dire effects of acid dyes. Start to question sanity of dyeing on hottest day of year.

Step Three: about 5 minutes into project; nothing pristine OR white any longer. Start to worry about dye stains on library book am using. Wonder if library will notice.

Step Four: Yarn goes in the dye pot! Immediately realize that directions are for dyeing ONE POUND of yarn. Actually dyeing FOUR OUNCES of yarn. Wonder if this will make a difference.

Step Five: Two days later, have lovely skein on yarn on swift! Colors are not exactly as envisioned but not total fug either.

Step Six: Admire pretty ball of sock yarn. Toss in cubby with all other yarn waiting to be knit. Blog about experience, then have cold glass of wine.


Cara said...

i think the yarn looks great. i like the colors.

Laurie said...

thanks Car! Maybe the yarn will end up as socks for my far-away girl...

Sue said...

or maybe for your much nearer sister!

Unknown said...

nice job mom. you'll have to teach me!