Saturday, August 22, 2009

I Need Help!

I need Mr. Wizard riding shotgun when I travel with the boys. They ask me the hardest questions! Here is a sampling of recent queries from our young scientists:
1. How small are baby quails?
2. Do crawdads come from eggs?
3. How do you make electricity?
4. How does a car work?
5. What kind of [tree, bird, plant, rock] is that?
6. How far is outer space from here?
My stock answer is usually a) gee, we'll have to look that up on the internet or b) How do YOU think it works, what it is, how it grows, etc. Liam is the hardest questioner, he has unending curiousity about the world. Guess I need to keep my Blackberry on Wikipedia!


Katie said...

haha, i got the "how did that rock get to be so many colors?" and totally fumbled through trying to explain how rocks are made over time, and i think in the end we just agreed on "they rub along the bottom of the water" as the answer for some reason. LOL

Katie said...

(that was when we all went to Cd'A for the day by the way)

Laurie said...

whew glad you got lobbed that one. I only passed geology bc I did every extra credit report I possibly could.