Monday, June 25, 2007

A Nifty Way to work Front Bands

I am finishing up the Peace Fleece Baby Cardigan today (between Nyquil induced naps, somehow managed to catch a cold during the hottest spell we've had so far). The front bands are worked in a nifty manner, which I've never done before, but me likee!

You cast on the required # of stitches for the front band (in this case, it's 6 stitches) using your smaller set of needles (assuming you are working the edges, collar etc on a smaller size than the body of your sweater). You then pick up the first edge 'bump' (my cardigan is worked in garter stitch, so each ridge has a nice bump to pick up) or thread and work it together with the first stitch of the band, then work across the band stitches. The second row is worked back on the band stitches only. Repeat these two rows, picking up a half stitch on the sweater edge every other row and working it together with the 1st band stitch. No sewing on the band after you've finished knitting it, woot!
The picture shows your first row with the blue side the body of the sweater and the green side the front band.

I hope to cross this one off the 'unfinished projects' list tomorrow. Must finish at least two projects before my Kauni yarn arrives because I KNOW I will want to start that right away. We are 'empty nesters' for a couple of days as my daughter (Pia, our housemate) is off on a mission trip with her church youth group for a few days. Who knows what wild and crazy things we might do while she's gone!?

As far as weekend excitement, there was none. Floated in the pool and sunburned my front side, ala the ladies in "The Dinette Set".

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Sue said...

ok, I am officially a dork - when you come over next you will have to show me this technique - just like you had to show me three needle cast-off and knitting with 2 circular needles. . .