Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What's A Fluther?

I've been thrashing around trying to come up with a clever name for my blog...and this is as clever as I'm going to get. Ray on the Knitlist asked what to call a collective group of knitters, which led me to (what else) Wikipedia to look at collective nouns. This had actually come up on my road trip from Virginia to Spokane a couple of weeks ago with daughter and fellow road tripper Katie, who wondered how 'a murder of crows' was created (no real answer on Wiki but a good question)

Anyways, I found some fun collective nouns that I thought worked well with knitting. My fave was "A fluther of jellyfish". Somehow a fluther sounds to me like lace knitting, Miss Marple, the way I behave when I can't find my needles, tape measure, project instructions, etc. All of which happen with great regularity.

Hence, this blog has the name "A Fluther of Knitting"



Laurie said...

A quality Sundstrom word if I ever heard one!

Unknown said...

Oops that was my clever comment, not my mommy's. My bad!

KSee said...

just saw you post on knitlist--love the name...keep it

Meg said...

Yeah, I'm so glad you answered your own question, because I was feeling stupid not knowing what a fluther was! HOORAY, that you have a's already added to my favorites.