Thursday, June 14, 2007

Doll Outfit update

I've been fiddling with various yarn weights and needles this evening, trying to match the original. Lace weight from Schoolhouse Press and 000 needles---bleh. Too thick. Moving up to 0 and 1 needles, didn't look right either. I'm now swatching with a double strand of the very very fine yarn Vicki sent me to use in the first place, and we may have a winner. It's similar in weight/feel to the original sweater fabric (which I'm now suspecting was a machine knit item looking at the seams) I am realizing my old eyeballs aren't up to this fine work at night, I need fresh eyes and strong light for this kind of work.

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Meg said...

Stop knitting stuff for Victoria, and keep knitting things for Hads...she's not so picky:). Love all your comments Aunt Lowdy. You're the best!!! Thanks for not killing Cari and I. And trust me, with all the sugary substances I stick on Hadley's binky to make her take, I might as well be giving her 10 bottsies a night of Kool-Aid.