Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Almost the first day of summer!

86 degrees today, so we are swimmin'. Despite the fact that our backyard pool is about 66 deg., the boys and I braved it to 'swim' today. Mostly floating in our massive pool toys which completely cover the surface of the pool, so that we don't have to actually get IN the water (except Liam, who flipped off the donut and went under for a second. Very brave little guy, he only cried for a few seconds!) I anticipate many pleasant days this summer floating in the pool. If you read the comic "The Dinette Set", you will recognize us!

Too hot to do much knitting, unfortch. I WILL sew the buttons on Maddie's new sweater and mail it (along with your fancy hat Hads!) to Zaide's house for pickup. Then try to work on the doll sweater swatch, which is incredibly slow going.

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