Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Babies Babies Babies

My darling nieces and nephews are turning out baby girls at an alarming rate! However, this fecundity among the next generation is a knitting opportunity for Auntie "Lowdie". But thanks to Pam & Josh, Megan & Ryan, and Lis & Kip, I've been turning out girly stuff like mad! Here are some pictures of the latest projects off the needles:

For baby Hadley I knit the Crazy Daisy Hat from Debby Ware. Fun to knit, easy project and a pretty wild hat! Hads is still reeling from having to pose in the Ducky All-In-One I knit for her, so all I ask is that she pose for a picture for Lowdie, then she never has to wear it in public.

For baby Maddie, I have two little gifties. For her toes, a pair of angora bunny booties (I got this darling kit from Spin a Yarn in Edmonds Washington), and for dressing up, a wrap sweater in Organic Cotton yarn and the pattern from "Natural Knits for Babies and Kids" by Louisa Harding (a wonderful book, I've knit 3 things from it, a new record for me. Usually I just look at the pretty pictures and never knit anything from books) Must find some super cute buttons and then it's officially a done deal.

"The Guys" We don't want no stinkin' pink stuff, we want superhero capes & dinosaurs!

Since my little friends Riveria, Alex, Liam and Michael scorn anything pink, ruffly or in any way girly, I've been deprived of 'fluthery' knitting for a while.

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Meg said...

Hads can't wait to wear her fancy schmancy hat!