Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Disco Darling!

here's my adorable great-niece Tatum (she's on the right--doesn't she remind you of Dora the Explorer?) modeling the bolero jacket I knit for her. Evidently she and her pal are on their way to a swinging disco dance, and she looks ready! The bolero is knit in Debbie Bliss' Cathay yarn, and the pattern is here. This yarn is a real dream to knit! I enjoyed the pattern and thought the color was lovely, and an interesting choice for a child's garment. With Tate's gorgeous coloring, it is a perfect shade! It's super flattering that she chose my sweater to wear, too; she is very fussy about her outfits and Auntie Lowdie feels very special.


Meg said...

God she's adorable!!! I think you have found the most perfect little model of all your knits...don't waste any more time on Hads and Maddie, keep knitting for Tate. If people don't buy what she's wearing, they are retardo's.
Not that I don't think my darling daughter and niece are perfect too, but Tater's just in a class of her own:).

Narode said...

This sweater was a HUGE hit at Baby Loves Disco on Tater's first clubbin' it know you have to get the outfit just right! The boots were a bit outdone by the free legwarmers at the door...perhaps inspiration for a next project?! Lowdie - you're the greatest!!! xoxo