Friday, June 29, 2007

One Finished Project!

The cold is lingering, but slowly getting better. At least I'm no longer coughing so hard I pee myself (or maybe that is just one of the things we menopausal ladies do?) Despite spending most of the last two days either coughing or sleeping, or waking myself up from sleeping because my cold has turned me into a loud snorer (some mean people say I already snored but I'm denying that), I did manage to finish the somewhat fugly little cardigan for Hadley.

It's done and I'll send it over to little Miss Hadley, she can wear it to clean up the yard with mom and dad, or change the oil in Ruby or just dress one of her dollies in it. The buttons are cute anyway! It's actually purple and green, though the picture makes it look blue and green.

I also found Huggable Hedgehog patiently waiting to get eyes and be stuffed so I'm going to see if I can finish him today. Here's a picture of him in his present deflated condition. He's pretty cute even blind and flat.
And the mailman just brought my yarn for my Kauni cardigan which is very exciting (to me at least). I said I would finish my other things before I started this project, but my resolve is weakening. Blame it on the meds. I'm not a well woman.

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