Saturday, November 20, 2010


Pia, Katie and I went to see the New Harry Potter movie last night.  It was pretty good, I jumped about ten times, damn those scary parts.

I have read all of the HP books, but I can NEVER remember what happens; as soon as I finish one, the entire plot is erased from my memory.  The only thing I remembered from book 7 was the tent.  Don't ask me why.  But I guess that means the movie version is full of surprises.  The girls assured me that the film followed the book closely, so HP fans will be pleased.

Also, I noticed there are lots of cool sweaters in this movie. Yay for the HP costume designers!


Katie said...

agreed - the sweaters are awesome, probs the best part of the movie!!! i wanted ALL of them or to date someone who wears them LOL :D

Unknown said...

With you two on the sweaters. I think I leaned over and commented on one of them to you mom. Those Brits can sure pull off a sweater. PS, discovered on IMDB last night that the guy who plays the Gringott's goblin also played Willow. I immediately thought of Cara!