Tuesday, November 23, 2010

7+ Pounds of Love

Here's the only pic we have so far of baby Carson (Pooh Bear, I can hear you now: CARSON! CARSON! POSE IN FRONT OF THE MONKEYS CARSON!)  No word yet on whether there's hair under that hat, but I'm guessing at most a little fuzz.  He looks just like big sister.  Zaide reported that he has his mama's "boats" -- his feet barely fit on the paper when they made footprints.

So happy for Megan, Ryan, Hads and all the grandparents.  This baby is going to be loved like crazy!


Katie said...

Love this boy already. :) And I agree, he will forever be "CARSON" screeched as loud as you can!

Cara said...

that was the first thing pooh and i both said when we heard the name carson! as long as she doesnt take him to the zoo ever he'll be fine!

Lis said...

So so so cute. And gigantic feet.