Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lucy Gets in Trubs

Here's the remnants of my latest knitting project after Lucy Lou decided to chew it up :-(  I don't mind the yarn being chewed so much as the expensive Addi needles being destroyed.

Woofy, I agree the project was kind of fugly and I WAS going to rip it out.  I didn't need your help.


Katie said...

she says she's sorry.

Lis said...

uh oh! what did you do to her lavs?

Laurie said...

I yelled at her, she ran behind the chair, we got over it. It's not like this girl doesn't have about 300 chewy toys around either. PLUS her mother brought her a totes disgusting COW HOOF to play with. It makes me barf to even think about it, and it was parked right in front of me last night. I couldn't look away from the hideous-ness.