Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another Seattle Weekend

Pia and I headed over for a quick weekend in Seattle.  Weather was pretty typical Seattle in November (gray) but no snow anywhere en route so that was good.

Some highlights:

1. Pia brought along a book on her Ipod for us to listen to: "The Help".  It is SOOO good.  And I'm trying to decide who is going to play the ladies in the movie version.  The trip was too short, we only got to chapter 9.  I'm dying to get back in the car.

2.  Pia was nice enough to stop at TWO thrift stores with me (I'm sure she posted humiliating pix on her Facebook page), plus go to Village Yarn and Tea's closing business sale and brave the huge crowd.  This was a small portion of the rabid knitters waiting to pay for their purchases.  If you look closely, you may see the man in the kilt with his knitting in a pouch at his side :0

3. Lois was much better this weekend, seemed a lot more 'with it' than last weekend.  My favorite moment:  She was (again!) griping about her car being taken away.  I attempted to change the subject and commented about how her young friend Mark and his wife are expecting a baby.  I said "isn't it nice that they are going to have a baby?".  Mimi looked at me and replied "A car would be better."  I give up Lo-bug, you will complain about that damn car until they haul you out feet first.

4. We got to attend a lovely memorial get-together for a wonderful person, Shirley Davis (what do you call your sister's mother in law? We all called her "The Lady").  I'll always remember her smile and her drawn-on eyebrows lol.  She was the world's best grandma hands down, and she will be missed.

AND I managed to complete a trip without leaving "pillowy" behind somewhere, probably a first.  I'm already sweating about our trip to Roatan at Christmas and leaving my beloved pillow on a Honduran island...


Unknown said...

I had a great time with you (and everyone else) mom. can't wait to show off my Vinnie's find: "It's a Scotties Christmas" AWESOME!

Laurie said...

it IS the most awesome Scotty Christmas sweatshirt!

Cara said...

the sweatshirt sounds creepy! Wish i could have been there, like always!

ps-what did happen to mimi's car?