Monday, November 15, 2010

The Saga of Lois' Car

Since Cara asked...several months ago, us siblings got together and made some decisions about how we could best take care of our mom.  She's a feisty broad, but getting a little fuzzy on some stuff, like where she was going and where she came we thought it was the time for her to hang up the car keys.

We knew it would be a bitter pill for her, she's always been very independent and a good driver too.  Never had an accident in 70 years of driving.  But it was no longer a good idea for her to be out and about on her own.

The car went to sister Jamie's house (where she has a 15 1/2 year old who is itchin' to get behind the wheel).  And Mom has someone with her every day to take her where she wants or needs to go.  That hasn't made it any easier for her to accept the fact that her driving days are over.  And I totes understand that, it's a real symbol of one's independence to have a car.  Not that I wouldn't love to have a chauffeur.  But we keep reminding her that she forgets things so driving is not an option.  Of course, she forgets that we have told her this, so it's an ongoing dialogue. But we love her and we'll repeat the story as many times as she needs to hear it.  And then start all over again telling her where her car is the next day :-)


Sue said...

she is such a blister! bless all of you who are able to give and show so much patience - it ain't easy!

Lis said...

We put tape over my grandma's ignition. it seemed to do the trick but she was NOT happy. I'll never forget the story where she got lost for HOURS because they had changed the freeway exit from Empire Way to MLK Jr. Way.

Unknown said...

It has given us some entertaining quotes though mom. I learned a car is better then a baby... good to know.

zaideafraidey said...

thanks for your positive perspective L, at least its conversation!! Love that you guys came over, she actually remembered it!!