Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Great White Hunter

After 2 seasons of claiming he was 'going hunting' and never bringin' home the bacon, Jon finally bagged himself an elk.  The boys were of course wild with excitement over the carcass:

And we had to get all the details of the stalking, the shooting, the dragging it out of a bog, the butchering, why didn't he bring the head or skin home etc. etc.

Mike and I made a book about it at the school book fair (where he had to do an emergency hand scrubbing after I noticed his paws were covered in elk blood:

And Sliver has been "Sweeney Todd, the Demon Butcher of Laurelhurst" all week, hacking those haunches up:


Cara said...


Katie said...

it was slightly disturbing to stop by and be faced with elk carcass being hosed down in the driveway LOL

zaideafraidey said...


Lis said...

yeah, makes my stomach turn a bit

Laurie said...

I knew you'd be repulsed Lis! It's actually been kind of interesting to see Keener's Meat Market revived in the driveway :-) There were sections of ribs that Fred Flintstone would have loved. I think Jon was going to saw those up tho.