Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mr. Clean

The boys' school recently held a raffle for various 'baskets' of goodies. Each boy got to choose which basket he wanted to bid on. Pretty much everyone in the school put their tix on the MP3 player, games, or other fun baskets. Except our very own Liam aka "Beaner Cleaner". He put all of his tickets on the "Spring Cleaning" basket and guess what! He won it!
You never saw such a happy guy as he unwrapped the basket; cleaning products galore! He and Alex spent the afternoon cleaning every surface in the house. Bliss.


Katie said...

Love. that is so freaking cute.

Cara said...

that is so milam. he used to love sitting on the kitchen counter helping to wash and dry dishes.

Laurie said...

I was just remembering that when I first babysat, the twins couldn't even reach the sink to get water. Of course, they still want me to do it FOR them, but they CAN reach now :-) BTW, Alex would like Big and Little Tony to come over for a week or so and help him build a race car. See what you can do.