Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Vaca Day 2

Not that I'm counting, but school starts again August 27th lol. The twins spent the afternoon with me yesterday, and were busy bees as usual. Liam wanted to have a garage sale and dragged out a ton of crap. Then he realized he could make money much more easily by searching the house for coins. He found a couple of bucks worth, put them in an old purse and he was good to go. End of garage sale for the day.

Alex found a portable CD player that Katie or Pia were planning to unload when we do finally have a garage sale. He was stoked! We found some 'rock and roll' CDs for him to listen to and got him ear buds at the dollar store. Pia promised to burn some cooler CDs for him (Miley Cyrus as opposed to my somewhat less cool music), so he is all set for the summer. Teenager to be...We also found a little mp3 player and Liam is going to use that if we can figure out HOW to upload some music for him. Of course RJ wants one too, so we'll have to keep searching the boxes in the garage.

What else does one do with pretzel sticks besides pretend to smoke? And what ever happened to candy cigarettes? GREATEST candy ever :-) Never mind, I just answered that question

Here's Alex, whitest/skinniest child at the park. But his neck and arms ARE tanned.

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